Zenzo  is a spin-off character of Saint Seiya, Saint Seiya Ω, is the father of Wolf Haruto and the seventh leader of the Ninja Fuji.


It is the seventh leader of the Ninjas Fuji. Attacks Dragon Ryūhō when Wolf Haruto is separated from him, but after that it was desir Haruto friend Wolf let his father go to the village of Ninja Fuji and there were present, because I wanted to know if it was true friend Wolf Haruto . after being attacked by the father of Wolf Yoshitomi , who was none other than an illusion of Zenzo, the stops and wishes him good luck in a nutshell.


His skills are still unknown, but as the leader of the Ninjas Fuji alcanse implied by their powers, fight using Genjutsu Zenzo seems to confuse his opponent, but like his son is the domain of the earth element and the element wind through their Jutsus, perform invocations and many jutsus ninja.


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