Youaltepuztli Nahualpilli (ヨナルデパズトリのナワルピリ, Yonarudepazutori no Nawarupiri) is one of the Jaguar Warriors of God Tezcatlipoca, this character is known for always being cold due to the fact that he has no skin.


Kardia Gaiden Volume 4Edit

Nahualpilli tells his superior, the Sun Priest Wesda that he is very cold despite of wearing many skins and pelts. Wesda tells him of a "golden-skinned scorpion", and incites Nahualpilli to go kill Kardia so he han have his skin.

Kardia Gaiden Volume 5Edit

After being provoked by the priest Wesda, Nahualpilli appears bloodthirsty, wearing the Nahual (armor of the Jaguar Warriors) of Youaltepuztli, intending to skin more victims to escape the cold he feels in his body.

He faces Scorpio Kardia and inflicts him some cuts. Kardia responds with the Scarlet Needle, Nahualpilli feels the hot pain of the needles and feels warmth for the first time. This seems to satisfy Kardia, who enjoys torturing him. Before the final blow, little Sasha stops Kardia and asks for mercy. Instead of thanking the intervention of Sasha, Nahualpilli kidnaps her and takes her to Wesda.



The Aztec god Tezcatlipoca sometimes manifested as a Blemmye-like creature called Youaltepuztli, meaning "ax of the night." Sometimes when someone investigated a sound like someone cutting down a tree with an ax, they would find it was Tezcatlipoca, who appeared as a decomposing corpse without a head.

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