Yggdrasill (ユグドラシル, Yugudorashiru)is the cosmic tree that grows legendary Asgard after the destruction of the statue of Odin and replaces it. In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil meets the existing nine worlds, two of them being Asgard, home of the gods and Midgard, the world of Men.

Soul of Gold

Yggdrasil (S-o-G)
During the holy war between Athena and Hades, in Asgard, the forbidden tree, Yggdrasill mysteriously brought to Asgard by the new priest Andreas. Bringing Yggdrasil to Asgard caused the weather around Asgard to change, to the point where it was now possible to grow plants that could not be grown in Asgard before due to the numerous snowstorms. This brought much happiness to most citizens in Asgard, and Yggdrasil was believed to be a blessing. However, it was known by few that Yggdrasill was brought to Asgard for sinister purposes.

It was revealed that Yggdrasill was used to absorb the Cosmo of it's citizen to make an evil fruit within the great tree grow. It is later revealed it could also use the Gold Cloths to grow the fruit at a faster rate due to the Gold Cloths absorbing the light of the sun. It was later revealed that the evil fruit creates the Sacred Treasure of Asgard: The Spear of Gungnir. This is what Loki, who had possessed Andreas wanted, in order to overthrow Odin and take over the world.  


  • In the film, Yggdrasil is described as benevolent and protector of the land of Asgard. But in the spin-off, it is described as the forbidden tree, a threat to the entire planet.