Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Japanese ワイバーンのラダマンティス
Romanization Waibān no Radamantisu
Alias(es) Wyvern Specter
General Information
Classification Celestial Specter of Hades
Leader of Wyvern's Division
Deity Hades
Black Cloth
God Cloth
Surplice Wyvern Surplice
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star Celestial Savage Star[1]
Cosmoenergy Purple
Realm Caina, Cocytus
Abilities shown Atomic destruction
Energy projection
Named techniques Greatest Caution
Wyvern's Roar
Greeding Roar
Items used
Biographical Information
Age 23 years
28 years (TLC)[2]
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth Faroe Islands, Denmark[3]
United Kingdom?[4]
Place of training
Place of death Around Cocytus, Underworld
Lost Canvas, Earth (TLC)
Blood type O
Ichor (TLC)
Zodiac sign Scorpio
Birthday October 30
Height 189 cm
Weight 84 kg
Family Ketos Chris (Cousin)
Debut SS: Chapter 69, Episode 117
(Chapter Sanctuary OVA 3)
Appearances Saint Seiya: Manga
Hades: Chapter Sanctuary
Hades: Chapter Inferno
The Lost Canvas
SS: The Hades
SS: Sanctuary Battle
SS: Brave Soldiers
Japanese voice Takehito Koyasu
English voice
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Wyvern Rhadamanthys (天猛星ワイバーンのラダマンティス, Tenmōsei Waibān no Radamantisu) is one of the infamous "3 Judges of the Underworld", along with Griffon Minos and Garuda Aiacos, and oversees Caina. Rhadamanthys' source of power lies in the Celestial Fierce Star, and pledges his loyalty to the Greek god of the Underworld, Hades, Emperor of the Darkness. The name Rhadamanthys is the Greek form of Egyptian name Rhotamenti, which means "Judge in the hidden one".

Concept and creation

As Masami Kurumada uses the revered Osamu Tezuka's Star System technique, (a stable cast of characters which play a different or similar role in the author's various works, sometimes with the same personality and sometimes with an entirely new one), he designed Rhadamanthys's facial features very similar to Crux Christ, a character he designed for the first Saint Seiya movie.



When Pandora kissed her brother to be the receptacle of Hades, Rhadamanthys is one of the first specter awake and stands beside her with Valentine.

Later, Rhadamanthys is sent on a mission to beat Leo Ilias. He lives as a hermit with his son, Regulus. Rhadamanthys' Specters attacked the village in India where he has taken refuge. Rhadamanthys easily has the advantage over the Saint weakened by illness. But Rhadamanthys opponent happens break one of his horns before he died saving the life of his young son.

Rhadamanthys Faced Sylphide . Every reason to believe that the judge has made a troop intervention in As. After Valentine, the Minotaur Gordon and Alraune Queen were at his side. Basil joined his army, because the Wyvern was defeated and deserved consideration.

After Alone was locked in a cage dimensionally by Hypnos and Thanatos , Rhadamanthys was convened with Aeacus by Pandora. The judge did not support being sidelined. He sees himself as the servant of Hades and the gods not twins.

Rhadamanthys accompanies Pandora to Atlantis to prevent Athena troops to seize the Orichalcum of Poseidon. He hurts Unity (who survives and is saved by the power of the god of the sea).

He began a fight against Degel and Kardia . Finally, it will play only Kardia him launch his Scarlet Needle Katakeo . Judge's blood burns inside his body. He thinks he has avoided Antares carried by the Gold Saint's right arm. But it was a decoy and gets hit by the left hand of his opponent.

Rhadamanthys collapses calling his lord Hades. The Judge survives the attack and saves Pandora from the collapse of Atlantis.

Rhadamanthys returned to the castle in the Lost Canvas Hades and is convened by Alone. Latter reproached him for his defeat against Kardia. He may fall from his title of judge if the Wyvern does not show his loyalty. Spinx Pharaoh  must weigh his heart with his Balance of Curse , but Rhadamanthys withdraws himself.

Alone finds that his body is still burning from the attack of Scorpion and forgive him. He gave his blood and the judge makes a stellar guardians of temples.

Rhadamanthys is responsible for the protection of the sixth temple, that of Saturn . Pandora charged him to go to the Sanctuary to steal the armor of Athena. But the judge tries to control the power of Hades in his heart. It leaves the care of this task to his assistants.

Later, Pandora tries to enlist the support of Rhadamanthys against Alone. It faces Valentine. The judge controlling the power comes and kills his subordinate divine! He claims to be a servant of Hades and agrees to become the role of tenure that wants to give the young woman.

Then Sasha , Regulus and Tenma come to his temple. Rhadamanthys powerless witness to the intervention of Mephistopheles Yoma and Partita .

Rhadamanthys is alone with Regulus in the temple of Saturn. The Lion wants to avenge the death of Ilias. He launched a series of attacks overpowering, the Athena Exclamation , then the Zodiac CLAIM . But the judge is too strong and destroys the opponent's body.

But the soul remains and Regulus is one with the Earth. Regulus destroyed the divine heart with Lightning Bolt before volatilize. Rhadamanthys but remains alive and to share the workshop of Hades.

Rhadamanthys wants to help Pandora against  Alone. It painted a portrait of him with Regulus. It is a line on the table and Rhadamanthys has an arm ripped off. But the judge arrives to destroy the portrait of Athena, freeing the powers of the goddess. Before being sprayed, it sends Pandora on Earth.

Hades Arc

Wyvern Rhadamanthys is, undoubtedly, one of the most respected warriors of Hades army. His skills and talents are comparable to those of Athena's Gold Saints — her strongest warriors — and his reputation as a powerhouse is famous among the Specters of the Underworld. Along with other judges, Garuda Aiacos and Gryphon Minos, Rhadamanthys has command over different sections of Hades' army.

As shown various times throughout the arc, Rhadamanthys prefers to take no chances when it comes to securing victory. Against the orders of Hades' aide Pandora (and, in turn, Hades himself), the Judge ordered several Specters to invade Athena's Sanctuary in secret. While Rhadamanthys was later punished for this act, he has shown to not regret his decision.

The Wyvern has but one known technique he utilizes to destroy the opposition — the "Greatest Caution". It is a wind-type move that charges up Rhadamanthys' Cosmo to the highest point of power, it is then unleashed at a central point via two opened palms. The opponent becomes helpless as powerful typhoon-like winds blast them into oblivion. It can take two forms: a dark energy blast, or the form of Rhadamanthys' spirit, the mythical Wyvern.

After the recently-revived Gold Saints Cancer Deathmask and Pisces Aphrodite had failed in their mission to assassinate Athena, they decided that they were not going to be sent back to the Underworld in eternal slumber. The pair proved their dominance over various Specters, until they were confronted by none other than Wyvern Rhadamanthys himself. Deathmask and Aphrodite struck relentlessly even with the Judge present, but the two began to panic when they realized that their most powerful techniques had no effect on Rhadamanthys. The two Saints abruptedly pleaded for mercy, but by now it was too late—the Wyvern had already passed his judgement, and it was death. After Deathmask attacked him with the Underworld waves that the judge reflected easily , Rhadamanthys used his version of the underworld waves and single-handedly sent two Gold Saints down to the pits of the Underworld.

Rhadamanthys was later summoned by Lady Pandora, "sister" and guardian of Hades, to discuss the details of the Specters' attack on Sanctuary. Rhadamanthys reported that he felt very distrustful of Aries Sion and his group of renegade Gold Saints, and wished to send an army of true Specters to assassinate Athena. Pandora disagreed, and stated that Hades would not like to suffer heavy losses from his own side until the war reached a more decisive stage. She then dismissed Rhadamanthys.

Despite Pandora's orders, Rhadamanthys decided to send a group of spectres under his command, lead by Specter Cyclops Gigant, to attack Sanctuary. One of Pandora's minions, Frog Zelos, offered Rhadamanthys a warning about disrespecting the Lady's orders, but Rhadamanthys refused to reconsider his decision.

After the battles in Sanctuary, Athena was assumed to be dead, but all of the Specters sent by Rhadamanthys were killed. Frog Zelos once again reminded the Judge that Lady Pandora would not be pleased at this outcome, but Rhadamanthys replied that he would take the responsibility for the losses they suffered for this battle. Pandora then tortured Rhadamanthys with her power, and only forgave him due to his high rank as a Judge of Hell. She then dismissed him with an order to call all of his Specters to return to the Underworld.

At this time, Gold Saints Leo Aiolia, Aries Mu, and Scorpio Milo invaded Hades Castle in an attempt to discover a way into the Underworld. Rhadamanthys soon arrived on site to defend the castle, and a 3 vs. 1 battle ensued. Unbeknownst for the Gold Saints, their Cosmo had been reduced to 10% power due to the effects of the Underworld barrier that protected the castle ground - the castle was under Hades' Cosmo and will. To their disadvantage, Rhadamanthys retained 100% power due to his status as a Specter of Hades—and neither Aiolia, Milo, nor Mu could put a scratch on the Judge. Once they had accepted the fact that they were no match for the Specters, the three Gold Saints sacrificed themselves in Athena's honor.

Four more of Athena's warriors appeared during the 3 vs. 1 battle—Bronze Saints Pegasus Seiya, Dragon Shiryu, Cygnus Hyoga, and Andromeda Shun. They had come to the castle hoping to aid their Gold Saint comrades in battle, but their services were rejected. Eventually, Rhadamanthys would catch up to the Bronze Saints after disposing of Mu, Aiolia, and Milo. Although Seiya and the others did not lose 90% of their power (due to the blood of Athena blessing their Bronze Cloths), they fared no better than the Gold Saints had against Rhadamanthys (though the Judge was surprised that none of them were weakened by the power of the Castle, but it was rather their unbending will that kept their Cosmos burning).


Rhadamanthys without his headpiece

Suddenly, four of Rhadamanthys' servants, Harpy Valentine, Alraune Queen, Minotauros Gordon and Basilisk Sylphid, attacked the four Bronze Saints, allowing Rhadamanthys to depart for the Underworld. The four Specters then made their leave, but Seiya decided to attack Harpy Valentine by throwing both Valentine and himself down the pits that lead into the Underworld. (Manga ONLY, the scene is slightly modified in the anime adaptation, as Pegasus Seiya follows and pushes Rhadamanthys into the pits, instead of Valentine, introduced at a later point in the anime.)

When Rhadamanthys initially returned to the Underworld, he immediately discovered Gold Saint Gemini Kanon sneaking about. Kanon had placed an illusion on fellow Spectre Balron Lune through his GenRouMaOuKen technique, and Rhadamanthys was the one to break it. After Lune was quickly disposed of, Kanon quickly challenged Rhadamanthys to a showdown. The Judge originally felt confident, but became worried when Kanon proved that he was more than a match when he repelled the "Greatest Caution" technique. He is then trapped by the powerful illusion created by Kanon. The Gold Saint was about to secure a decisive victory when Rhadamanthys' warriors suddenly appeared and stopped the fight with a report, that Pandora wanted an audience with him. Rhadamanthys left his underlings to face Kanon, but they were no match against the power of a Gold Saint, and he comments not even if there were hundreds of them, it would still not be enough for a man like Kanon—Eventually, all of the Specters summoned by Pandora were easily killed by Kanon's Galaxian Explosion attack.


Rhadamanthys wearing his headpiece

Seiya and Shun eventually came across the fabled, long-lost Silver Saint Lyra Orphée. Orphée had constructed a plan to assassinate Hades: being the musician of Hades, he could smuggle Seiya and Shun into his court where he played for Hades every 13 days. Orphée would use the power of his music to put Hades and Pandora to sleep, and then have the three of them attack the Dark God. The Silver Saint managed to hide Seiya and Shun in a giant case of flowers he had gathered, and narrowly avoided having Pandora discover the duo hiding inside.

However, Pandora threw a wrench into the mix when she revealed that she had summoned the three Judges together to enjoy Orphée's music. After playing his song, everyone in the court room was apparently asleep. Orphée thought that this was his chance to sneak attack Hades when the deity was at his most vulnerable. However, surprisingly, Rhadamanthys intervened and punched a hole through Orphée's chest, stating that he had always suspected Orphée's loyalty. Unlike the other Judges, he did not actually listen to his music and was only pretending to be asleep. Before Rhadamanthys could inflict further damage on Orphée, Seiya and Shun quickly came to the rescue—this time around, Seiya's "Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken" scored enough hits to cause substantial damage to the Wyvern Surplice.

But as Orphée attacked Hades, he was shocked that Hades looked identical to Shun, and that upon striking him with his attack, Hades merely disappeared. Being fatally wounded by Rhadamanthys, Orphée decided to use the strings of his lyre to bind Rhadamanthys and himself in place, and urged Seiya to strike at them both to kill Rhadamanthys. Sadly, Seiya unleashed his Pegasus Ryu Sei Ken, which struck both of them, killing the already critically wounded Silver Saint.

Although his attack shattered large portions of Rhadamanthys' Surplice, Seiya was shocked to find the Judge uninjured. Rhadamanthys taunted Seiya, stating that his technique could not damage him at all, and preceded to attack the Bronze Saint. The fight only ended when Shun began to manifest the effects of the possession by the soul of Hades, and ordered Rhadamanthys to cease his attack. Eventually, Aiacos and Minos awakened as well, and Pandora ordered them to return to their posts while she tended to Hades.

Kanon and Rhadamanthys would cross paths again some time later. The Wyvern once again used the "Greatest Caution", but the Gemini Saint had experienced the attack before and now understood its mechanics—this time, he was able to block it with merely one hand. The same technique does not work twice on a Saint. Once again, Rhadamanthys found himself in the face of certain doom, quickly being overpowered by the Gold Saint. His injuries from previous battles with Lyra Orphée and Pegasus Seiya had taken their toll on him. He is soon rescued by his other two companions and fellow Judges Gryphon Minos and Garuda Aiacos. The two Judges worked over Kanon individually with their own techniques. Rhadamanthys is angered by the fact that he is being assisted by them, when this was his fight. The combined attacks by Minos and Aiacos on Kanon would not last—as the Bronze Saint Phoenix Ikki appeared and rescued Kanon from certain death.

Phoenix Ikki would soon go on to obliterate Garuda Aiacos, and is soon teleported by Pandora to Hades' throne room. Minos soon leaves afterwards as he goes to intercept the remaining bronze Saints.


Similarity beetwen Christ and Rhadamanthys

With Minos, Aiacos, and Ikki out of the way, Rhadamanthys once again fought Kanon for the last time. The Gemini Saint still proved to be the superior of the two, and Rhadamanthys would not get the upper-hand until Kanon voluntarily striped off the Gemini Gold Cloth. By this time all the 12 Gold Cloths had been reunited in Hell to break the Wailing Wall. Seeing this to his advantage, Rhadamanthys was finally able to damage the Gold Saint with his "Greatest Caution" -- but by this point, Kanon was no longer looking for a decisive victory; he merely wanted to remove Rhadamanthys from the war altogether to protect his fellow Saints—even at the cost of his own life. He felt accomplished by his actions to redeem himself as a worthy Saint of Athena, and self-sacrifice was nothing he feared. Utilizing a kamikaze attack, Kanon grabbed Rhadamanthys from the back and launched both bodies into the air. The Judge of Hell was defeated when Kanon unleashed his Galaxian Explosion, with all his might, killing himself along with the Wyvern Specter.

Surplice, Star & Name

Surplice - Wyvern

Wyvern Surplice

  • Wyvern Surplice

Wyverns are winged reptilian dragons, but of different dimensions. Generally, wyverns have only two legs (unlike the western dragon, which always has four), and in front of the place are its wings, making them similar to a bird. Unlike dragons, the wyvern is often considered more despicable than a sage being. They usually cannot spit fire, although sometimes they are portrayed doing it. Another feature that differentiates them from dragons is the lack or lesser number of scales, which gives it a more "smooth" appearance . The Wyverns also have their brands in heraldry, as a dragon with really only two legs. Although they are solitary beings, when there are few prey, they will form small groups to hunt. Their sudden appearance heralded war or plague.

  • Celestial Fierce Star

Rhadamanthys's star originates from the character Qin Ming, nicknamed 'Fiery Thunderbolt', from the Water Margin story.

  • Rhadamanthys

In Greek myth, Rhadamanthys is the younger brother of King Minos of Crete. Rhadamanthys ruled Crete first and was credited with developing laws for the island, but the jealous Minos drove both he and their brother Sarpedon out of the kingdom. Minos then took over the throne of Crete. Due to his famous honesty, Rhadamanthys was chosen as a Judge of the Underworld after his death. In the Underworld, Rhadamanthys is said to judge the dead from the east. He also seems to have had connections with the Elysian Fields and the souls of the righteous.


Like Death Mask, Radamanthys is able to send any enemy to Yomotsu Hirasaka. Ironically he kills the Cancer's saint in the same way he used to kill his enemies,cancer Death mask is sent to Yomotsu and then thrown into the pit of hell.

Destruição Máxima

The two variations of Destruction Maximum / Maximum Precaution Radamanthys.

  • Maximum Destruction / Maximum Precaution (グレイテストコーション, Gureitesuto Kōshon, "Greatest Caution"): Radamanthys most powerful attack.There are two variations of this technique, one in the manga and in the Inferno, and another in the Sanctuary. In the manga, Radamanthys concentrates the cosmos in his hands, then it triggers a powerful and devastating tidal wave of shock, clashing with the enemy. When the shock wave is going toward the enemy, it takes the form of a Wyvern (anime only). It is an extremely dangerous blow, because the shock wave is capable of destroying the enemy and the whole area where it is. In the anime at the sanctuary, Radamanthys extends his arms, then he concentrated his cosmos to the fullest in his hands and releases several devastating shock wave, creating various fields of destructive energy that unfold around it in concentric circles, destroying what is in the area of ​​circles.
  • Roar slider (グリーディングロア, Gurīdingu Roa,, "Gliding Roar") simple technique used in the manga The Lost Canvas. After a roaring sound of a Wyvern, Radamanthys gives a great leap and goes flying through the air, sliding to its target, attacking his opponent from the front and from the heights to strike and injure him with success and power attacks.
  • Roar of the Wyvern (飛竜の咆哮) He pronounces the name of its attack, releasing a powerfull and violent roar.



  • Wyvern Rhadamanthys was the first of the 3 Judges to be introduced and the second to be defeated in a bloody battle for the underworld.
  • In Kurumada's manga, during Rhadamanthys' battle against Aiolia, Mu, and Milo fight, the Wyvern Specter informs the Saints of the Underworld barrier that was reducing their cosmos. In the anime adaptation, the fight (absent) in the manga, as with the reduced Cosmos the Saints were unable even to stand) was made without any barrier at this point, but it is mentioned in the following episodes by Rhadamanthys, to Kanon, but the different staff in charge of the Hades arc episodes in the Inferno stage, retconned it, to stay nearer to the original manga.
  • In the manga, Seiya takes Harpy Valentine with him to the pit of the Underworld. In the anime, instead, Seiya attacked Rhadamanthys at Hades Castle and threw both himself and the Judge down to the pit to Hell. Valentine was introduced at a later point in the anime.
  • After his encounter with Lyra Orphée and Seiya, his Surplice was seen to be heavily damaged for the rest of the Hades arc.
  • In the Saint Seiya Encyclopedia Taizen, it is mentioned that his right fist can knock off even a gold saint.


  1. 天猛星 Tenmōsei. is Han for "violent", "savage", "cruel" and, in context, "bold" or even "fierce". It is commonly (if erroneously) translated as "furious".
  2. As a past incarnation, this age is unrelated to the one in Saint Seiya.
  3. Many sources give "Fellows Islands" or "Fellow Islands" as his homeland, but those are mistranslations of the Japanese term フェローズ諸島 (Ferōzu shotō).
  4. Strangely, the Faroe Islands are not located in the United Kingdom, but the Japanese wiki links the two. Additionally, in The Lost Canvas, he is believed to have been born in England.