Worm Raimi (地伏星 ワームのライミ, Chifukusei Wāmu no Raimi) is one of Hades 108 Specters. His power lies in the Terrestrial Submission Star.


The Lost Canvas

Worm raeimi

Worm Raimi in TLC

Having received the order to kill Athena, he headed for the Sanctuary and luckily stumbled upon a Young Girl and a Saint Trainer. The Specter had been making his way into enemy territory underground and as such he had avoided discover. Seeing Sasha he thought she might offer him some amusement as he liked hearing women and children scream. Charging his Surplice tentacles at the girl they were interrupted by the boy Tenma, who did however not prove to be much of an effort for Raimi as he bound him up with his worms. He stated that he was Worm Raimi of the Terestial Hiding Star, and that in his spare time he liked to hear women and children screaming.

He turned towards Sasha to the protest of the captive Tenma, but as the Specter approached the girl, the boy suddenly broke through Raimi's worm tentacles. Raimi had time to question how the boy had broken free before Tenma smashed a crater into the ground right in front of him. Wondering how such a brat could have so much power he used his Worm's Bind technique to strangle the boy. The Worm admitted that Tenma was strong and had surpassed him, and was furious about it. He started hitting and kicking the boy as he laid down on the ground, but was interrupted by a commanding voice that told him to stop. The young girl said that she would not allow him to hurt Tenma any more, to which he replied that he would soon be her turn. But Raimi suddenly felt a sensation, emanating from the girl was a huge Cosmo. He then realized who she were and headed straight for her saying that she saved him time looking for her and that he would probably gain rank by killing her. But as he prepared another Worm's Bind technique he was shot in the back by Aries Shion (TLC) Stardust Revolution technique. He crumbled to the ground defeated

Hades Arc

As the new Holy War with Hades had begun, it wasn't long before Athena's Sanctuary had been infiltrated by Specters with the help of the revived Gold Saints. 17 of Hades' Specters had made it into the Sanctuary, yet as they came further they started to diminish. When they finally reached the Leo Temple, 5 of them were lured on to its guardian Leo Aiolia and instantly killed by him. Since the Specters had revealed themselves in the Cancer Temple and now they attempted to hide again but they could not do that. However, Worm Raimi's digging-hole skill just fulfilled their desire metaphysically. Raimi appeared and directed this new attack so the rest charged towards the saint in a new attempt, Raimi saw this as an opening and entangled Ailoia with his Surplice's tentacles. He wanted to defeat the lion by himself and got the merit. He snarled at the others to not interfere. As the Specters passed through the temple, the Worm Specter had all the time in the world with his prey. Aiolia had a different opinion as he unleashed his cosmo and broke free of the tentacles. He took a hold of a tentacle and pulled Raimi up, so that he could kick him down through the stone floor again. Raimi warned Aiolia that Aiolia was complacent. Raimi emerged behind the Saint, refusing to give up he attacked with his "Worm's Bind" again. This time the Leo Saint attacked instantly with his "Lightning Plasma", the Specter died almost instantly wondering how he could have died.


  • Worms Bind (ワームズバインド, Wāmuzu Baindo):

Surplice, Star & Name

Surplice - Worm

Worm Surplice

  • Worm Surplice

The Worm Surplice is represents a common Worm, but is depicted as a multi headed sharp toothed Worm with a bigger center body. The Anime appearance differs from the original in less detail. Worms often have a morbid connection with death and graves, as they are decomposers who feed on dead plant and animal matter. This is highlighted in the Edgar Allen Poe poem "The Conqueror Worm". Worms also relate to the kodoku.

  • Terrestrial Submission Star

Raimi's star originates from the character Shi En, from the Water Margin story.

  • Raimi

The name Raimi is a possible reference to Sam Raimi, who realized a strong number of cinematografic special effects with worms, spiders etc. Raimi literally means 'compassionate'. It is a plot connection; several characters throughout the series are noted as either having no compassion or being too full of compassion.


  • The scene in Kurumada's manga where Aiolia stomps Raimi into the ground, is replaced by him using the "Lightning Bolt" technique instead in the anime adaptation.
  • In Water Margin story, the Terrestrial Submission Star (Concealment Star) Shi En is the avatar of the writter Shi Nai'an. Kurumada has said that Aiolia is the avatar of himself. The battle of Raimi and Aiolia is actually the battle of two writter-avatars. It is uncertain Kurumada knows that or not.
  • Raimi's demonic cosmo, abstracting the energies from the Wormholes of spacetime, interests to dig holes through undergrounds.


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