Wolf Cloth stone is Haruto's cloth in omega era

Vers 1

In the XXI century is carried by Yoshitomi and Haruto, where the armor suffers drastic changes in color, shape and level of protection. Now change the color to brown and red, the shape change was very dramatic because instead of protecting only a few parts of the body now completely covers and now the town is shaped like the face of a wolf, and also has hairs on the shoulders and waist. This armor has a slim shape.

Vers 2

Haruto Shin Cloth
Like Pegasus and Dragon armor each piece becomes independent and has a gray headband intenso. is basically the same as the version that more detailed one, the shoulder straps attach easily to the center block where this wolf head, arm protectors cover almost the same, but are more detailed including claws, protector pelvis is longer because it forms the tail of the wolf, the leg shield has more details, removing the space for the blades