The Wolf Cloth is the cloth of the saint Nachi in Saint Seiya. It is of the lowest class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, the Bronze Cloths.

This is the form the Wolf Bronze Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series. Nachi earned the cloth in Bomi Hills, Liberia, and it was first seen with seven of the other Bronze Saints at the Galaxian Tournament. Like most Bronze Clothe's original form, it offers very little coverage. It seems to actively lack any sort of special attribute to make it special among other cloths. Though it is damaged, repaired and likely strengthened, the cloth hasn't changed much, if it at all from it's first form.



  • Kyū Cloth: The Kyū Cloth is the first version of the Wolf Cloth.
  • Shin Cloth: The Shin Cloth is the second version of the Wolf Cloth, it as been repaired by Aries Kiki at the beginning of the Sanctuary Arc in Omega. The cloth features new arm armor with retractable claws, although the rest of the cloth is unchanged from its previous version.
  • New Cloth: The New Cloth is the third version of the Wolf Cloth, it as been repaired by Aries Kiki at Jamir in the beginning of the arc entitled "New Cloth-Hen".

Wolf Cloth (Omega EraEdit

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