Whip Dione (ウィップのディオネ, Uippu no Dione) is one of Pallasite Second Class at the service of the goddess, Pallas , sent to the Sanctuary to the place where lie the Clostone of Saints deaths, with the mission to kill Aries Kiki as a way of coping with the goddess, Athena.



Dione, appears in the Shrine and maintain its presence hidden, but is shocked when Aries Kiki reveals he knew of his presence in the Sanctuary all the time. After his formal introduction, Dione reveals his intentions to kill Kiki so no one can repair the Cloths and the Saints will not have protection against the army of the goddess, Pallas. However, the Pallasite is forced to flee when Kiki uses his Starlight Extinction.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit

Much later, during the Saint Athena attack on Pallas Belda, Dione went with his troops - having followed Koga and his friends - the outpost where Kiki repairs damaged Cloths Saints. Eager to avenge the Gold Saint, he lets his soldiers face the rest of the enemies, admiring the strength of the "legendary generation." He decides to take action when the arrival of Steel Saints  and launches Snake Plasma. But the attack is absorbed by Dione and Shō  must face the Steel Hurricane. That's when Kiki began repairing Cloths. Dione and Pallasites soldiers launched an assault on the Saints in order to be able to kill the repairman.

But Kiki proposes a duel between Dione, which will determine the outcome of this battle. Confident, Dione hits the Gold Saint multiple times, let it pretend to be, and launches Snake Plasma Full Power. But Kiki avoided the blow and destroyed Dione Chronotector a finger, thanks to his knowledge of repair. However, Pallasite does not speak and ordered his troops to kill the Saint. Kiki gets rid of them permanently with his Starlight Extinction


  • Dione shares his name with a minor Greek goddess closely associated with Zeus (who was also called Dion) and the Earth. In contrast to the more popular myth of Aphrodite's birth from the sea foam that was fertilized by Uranus's mutilated genitals, in Homer's Iliad, Dione is stated to be Aphrodite's mother, while the father is Zeus. Dione comforts Aphrodite when she is wounded by the warrior Diomedes during the Trojan War while trying to interfere in the battle.
  • Dione is also one of the planet Saturn's moons, as well as an asteroid.
  • Dione's Chronotector has a visible "2" on the armor, indicating his Pallasite Class.



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