Muro de los Lamentos

The Wailing Wall (嘆きの壁, Nageki no Kabe), is the place the Gold Saints met in Judecca, inside Hades's Palace at the heart of the Underworld. Concealed behind a black curtain, it is the indestructible Western Wall or Wailing Wall, marked with the effigies of Hypnos and Thanatos, as well as the Faravahar symbol. It is the last frontier that marks the upper limit of Hades that only a ray of sunshine can pierce.


Open Air Wailing Wall

It prevents access to Lethe, or Hyperdimension (except for the gods), the parallel space-time dimension that only the gods can cross, and Elysion, the paradise of the gods.

Behind this wall there is a huge dimensional gulf; Elysion is the transition. The only way to cross through the wall is to destroy it with a light equal to that of the sun, something usually impossible in the subterranean underworld devoid of sunlight. Its incredible durability allows it to receive, without the slightest scratch, all the blows of the Libra Saint's weapons. The wall remained intact since the mythological times and was finally destroyed during the Holy War in the Twentieth Century, when 12 Gold Saints gathered their cosmos and sacrificed themselves to recreate the brilliance of the Sun.


  • This wall is based on the real-life Wailing Wall or Western Wall, found in modern day Jerusalem and one of the holiest Jewish sites in the world. It was initially part of the original courtyard wall of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem, which was said to house the Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant before the temple's destruction.

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