Vorpal Alice (ヴォーパルアリス,Vu ōparuarisu)She is carrying the Gladiator, Vorpal Sword. It is a traveling between the time the worlds and dimensions, looking for Hino Yoshino, who will become the greatest treasure that can receive the champion of the War of the Holy Swords.

History Edit

The Oracle and the Golden Lion Edit

Alice travels through a portal or opening in the dimension to Kyoto, Japan, where it is presented to Yoshino Hino, commenting that time has passed, the worlds and dimensions to find her, since she is a key person for them. After hearing this question Yoshino why Alice was looking for since she does not own any skills, nor has anything special to hear this Alice replied that for now is right, but then she was someone of great honor and return the greatest treasure that can receive the champion of sacred war swords, Alice also mentions that carriers of the Holy Swords know very little about what she could do to Yoshino "theirs" at that time, the latter asks who is ?, to which Alice replies that she comes from a very distant country, and then asks if Alice know London, England, posing as someone who has traveled all countries, including an extremely wonderful country, or the country of faults Alice can reach through the mirror, something that was fun.

In answering the question arises sword before pronouncing Curse Alice Activate Sword, sword saw his body like armor. Alice as she opens a portal in dimension, asks Yoshino that fence with it because the place does not matter if they are together, since only want Yoshino him all the glory, but before that she is absorbed by portal Aiolia appears in that place and quickly takes Yoshino arm and then used the Lightning Bolt to kill the bear and attack Alice, forcing the latter to withdraw from the battlefield.

Gold Wings Edit

After the battle between Shiryū and Sigurd, Alice reappears reproaching the latter to be one of the bearers of the Holy Swords and should take care that we already should know what the carrier Gram replied that I knew and that did not need two of them saying so, after that Alice simply notes the conversation that would occur as a result of the carrier Gram ask for the "dance" to which the holder of Durandal says no to call so indifference and proceeds to remind their agreement that they needed a permit to use the "dance of power" Alice and then observe and listen to the conversation that Sigurd and a mysterious man who had come before them remain

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