Virtues Eligor (力天使(ヴァーテュー)のエリゴル, (Vātyū no Erigoru ), also called Golden Mantis (黄金(ゴールド)の蟷螂, Gōrudo no Kamakiri ), is one Fallen angel in Seiya film Warriors of the Final Holy Battle


At the beginning of the film, four shadows removed one by one all the Gold Saints who survived the battle of Sanctuary. After killing all the four shadows come in front of the statue of Athena , and show his true form, including Eligor is. All await the arrival of Lucifer, who cuts the head of the statue and brings up his temple, the Pandemonium . Lucifer and his warriors are removed from the scene. He later returned to make an appearance when Saori and some Bronze Saints are the statue. Lucifer asks Athena to sacrifice for not delivering the world to Poseidon , Abel and Eris . The Bronze Saints attack Lucifer, but the performance of the rest of Eligor Angeles and avoids the attack, defeating Seiya and his companions easily. Lucifer and his warriors retreat to their temple.

Eligor reappears after causing the collapse of several columns before Seiya, Shun and Hyoga . Eligor emerges from one of them. Shun COTRA stays to fight him. After dodging several Shun Eligor attacks, gets captured by his technique Spider Net to Eligor, but this gets rid of the chains with ease and destroys the armor Shun. Shun is unable to do anything and Eligor is about to kill him, but the intervention of Ikki avoids defeat of Shun. Ikki uses his Phoenix Genma Ken , who at first does not appear to affect Eligor. Eligor attacks Ikki with his bull Seima Ken and cuts his head, but still continuous Ikki mocking him, making Eligor is primed to attack your body. Ikki's head loose a cloud of insects and while Ikki is covered Eligor gives the coup de grace, and that everything that has been behind the attack Ikki is an illusion.


  • Seima Toro Ken (聖魔蟷螂拳 Seima Tōrō Ken, lit. "Infernal Mantis Strike"): Eligor attacks with his claws like blades.


Between Fiction and Religion Edit

  • Eligor shares his name with a demon and Grand Duke of Hell, who commands sixty legions of demons, according to the Book of Revelations, the last book of the Christian Bible.


  • Eligor's aura takes the form of mantis.
  • Eligor fighter uses a technique reminiscent of one of Kung Fu, also called "The Mantis".
  • All Fallen Angels have a title that was presented, Eligor calls itself "The Golden Mantis."
  • In the TOEI films, everyone who faces Andromeda Shun ends up being defeated by Phoenix Ikki.
  • Eligor, alongside Guilty, is one of the characters whose face were never seen.

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