In Saint Seiya: The Next Dimension (officiel sequel of the saint seiya manga) during the duel in the eighteenth century in the 6th house of the Virgo, he learns that Shun is the inheritor of Virgo Cloth and the future Virgo Saint, Virgo Shaka's successor.

In Saint Seiya episode G. Assassin, we see Shun as the Virgo Gold Saint .

Predecessor and successorEdit


Main Article: Virgo Shaka


Special TechniquesEdit

Nebula Stream: It can be said that this technique is a stage that precedes the storm Nebula. It consists of Shun your body expel air jets that go directly to the opponent, paralyzing his body. It is a form created by Shun for the enemy give battle without the worst occurs to you. A suspicious movement by the victim, no matter how small, and the real storm explodes. Was used in the battle against Pisces Aphrodite, Mime Benetnasch, Mizar Syd and Siren Sorento.

Nebula Storm: The most powerful technique Shun, whose implementation is done without the aid of chains. The blow is through powerful jets of air expelled by the body of Andromeda forming a windstorm, leading the victim into the air and providing him with the worst impact damage. There are also falling damage the opponent receives when colliding against the floor. The Nebula Storm can be done in 2 different ways: first, Shun makes a more general attack, spraying jets of air throughout the area; in the second, Shun channels all the power of the storm at one point, thus enhancing the effects of his stroke.


Gold Saint 6-Virgo Shun-1


  • Shun wore the Virgo Gold Cloth for the first time in the battle of the Elysium, against the god Thanatos.
  • Shun was not presented as the Virgo Saint during the time set in the future in Saint Seiya Omega, the cloth having already been obtained by Virgo Fudō. It is unknown if Shun will claim the mantle of Virgo eventually or at all in this divergeant timeline.

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