Virgo House (86)
Virgo Temple or House of Virgo is the sixth Temple of the Sanctuary. Here is where the Virgo Gold Saint resides. As the Virgo Saint is said to be the reincarnation of Buddha, the interior of the Temple is decorated in a Buddhist/Hindu manner.


Right next to the Temple, off the main path and accessible through a door within the Temple is the Twin Salas Garden. All manners of beautiful flowers grow here, along with prominent tall twin Sala trees.

Twin Sala GardenEdit

Twin Sala Garden (双沙羅の園, Sōsara no Sono) is a beautiful vast garden created and tended by Virgo Shaka, located right next to Virgo Temple, off the main path, and accessible through a door within the Temple. All manners of beautiful flowers grow here, along with prominent tall twin Sala trees.

The Garden is introduced in Hades arc as a place Virgo Shaka prepared for his own foreseen death. According to the Tripitaka, Gautama Buddha was said to lie down and reach his Nirvana underneath the Sala trees. The Garden is, therefore, fashioned after the similar manner for Shaka’s final moment.

It is also the place where the one of the biggest fight in Hades arc takes place.


  • As Virgo Shaka was one of the most powerful Gold Saints, the Virgo Temple was the scenario for the fiercest battles of Saint Seiya. In here Shaka battled the five Bronze Saints during the Twelve Temples saga, and faced the combined attack of the three resurrected Gold Saints and a group of Specters during Hades' arc.
  • The Virgo Temple - along with the Twin Salas and everything surrounding it - was destroyed when the two groups of Gold Saints (Mu, Milo and Aiolia and the resurrected Shura, Camus and Saga) performed the "Athena Exlcamation" technique inside it.


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