Vampire Earhart (天 寿星, Tensei) is an exclusive prequel manga and anime Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas, Earhart acts as Ursula's bodyguard during his mission to kill her sister.

Plot Edit

Meeting With Aspros Edit

Ceto Surplice Earheart

Earheart and the Cetus surplice

  Earheart makes his first cameo  besides Ursula and a group of warriors when Ursula managed to find her younger sister who had met with a Gold Saint, Appearing again Ursula addresses the boat and after having a brief chat with Aspros, the Gold Saint asks her to hurry and call up her demon to defeat him quickly so he can get back to the sanctuary, after Ursula says the devil is already there and not even Aspros was aware of his presence, Earheartn appears in the back of the Gold Saint, however with no plans to fight Earhart against Aspros, believing that it is better to wait until the beginning of the holy war as the conflict in which they were involved was merely a dispute of the Walden Family.Aspros replied that although he would like to return to the sanctuary as quickly as possible his own honor as a warrior called to successfully fulfill its mission, Opening a rift in space absorbing Earheart alongside with the ship and those in it. 

  The specter proclaims the breakdown of negotiations and states that he had also considered the idea to remove the boat from the Sanctuary. In an unknown location, Ursula and Earhart are directed towards an elegant living room, she tells him that Aspros was an interesting man and asked the Spectre if the Gold Saint had died, Earhart said he doubted it as all of the Saints are stubborns, this reminds him that their role is to harness financial power and military strength of the Walden family as it was for that reason that he gave his help, Ursula replies that he shouldnt forget that.

The awakening of Cetus Edit

  Earhart with Ursula on their boat after being "defeated" by Aspros, begins to connect space again and attack Chris, causing a wound on her back and provoking the awakening of the Cetus Surplice,that was sealed in her body, revealing that she is a Specter.It is later revealed that the Specter true mission was to reclaim the Cetus Surplice to Hades army.

Power and Abilities Edit

  Earheart showed himself to be an formidable fighter in his battle with Aspros. The specter had the ability to absorb vital energy through his finger, using it to heal his wounds and to control Cetus, forming a new technique by fusing their powers.

Technique Edit

Crimson Cross
Crimson Cross(クリムゾンクロス, Kurimuzon Kurosu): The specter creates a giant red cross that shoots powerful energy blows at the target, this technique has shown the ability to connect dimensions and was used against Gemini Aspros.

Crimson Billow(クリムゾン・ビロウ, Kurimuzon Birō): With a giant destructive power, energy beams fused with water are created and directed to a target, Earheart uses this technique after absorbing the vital energy of the Cetus Surplice.
Crimson Billow

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