Ursa Minor Xiaoling (小熊座(ウルサミノル)のシャオリン Urusaminoru no Shaorin) A Chinese Saintia who wears the Ursa Minor Bronze Cloth. Her real name is Xing Xiaoling (星 暁鈴(シン シャオリン) Shin Shaorin, pinyin: Xīng Xiǎolíng).

History Edit

Training Edit

Xiaolin trains at the Saint Academy, and with the completion of her studies, Xiaoling receives the Ursa Minor Cloth.

Galaxian Wars Edit

Xiaolin on the time when Saori and Mii hear a noise outside the bedroom, where they are, and it turns out Xiaoling was beating Tatsumi, for which she seemed an evil thug who wanted to hurt Athena; Mii tells him to stop and she does.

Then along comes Mii and Saori bedroom wing and she tells Saori now she arrived, they facilitate the protection of the goddess. Then Athena tells if one of the gentlemen who participate in the galactic tournament will attract attention.

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