Uranus (Ouranos) is the personification of the Sky, the son and husband of Gaia, and the father of the Titans, the Cyclopses and the Hekatonkheires. He is mentioned briefly by Virgo Shaka and Gemini Saga in Episode G. 


Uranus is defined as a tyrant, someone who did not love anyone but his own "self", and could not recognize any other god besides himself. With great cruelty and injustice he punished those who opposed him, even those who shared blood ties with him, such as his own children. Interestingly, his youngest son and successor, Cronus, would inherit several aspects of his personality.


Origins and Downfall

La Creacion de Urano

The Creation of Uranus.

In the beginning, there was only Chaos, or Nothingness, from which Gaia, the Earth, was spawned. Gaia in turn gave birth to Uranus, the sky, her son and physical equal, whom she took as her husband and consort.
Uranus created mountains and clouds, and also with his wife created the sources of life. Together, Uranus and Gaia became the parents of the 12 Titans.

However, Uranus was a tyrant. He did not love their children, the Hekatonkheires, or those who came after them, the Cyclopses, and therefore he banished them to Tartarus. Due to his narcissism and obsession with power, he even refused to acknowledge the strength of his remaining children, the Titans, a mistake which would cost him in the future.

Enraged at Uranus's insensitivity, which hurt both mother and children, Gaia asked his youngest son, the Titan Cronus, to face his father and slay him with Megas Drepanon, which Gaia created for him, along with the other Somas. Kronos obeyed his mother and destroyed his father, but with his last breath, Uranus cursed Kronos to share the same fate of being overthrown by his own son. This child would turn out to be Zeus, Kronos's youngest son and king of the Olympians.

Episode G

Uranus is mentioned several times by various characters, often in relation to what happened with Kronos, when he was killed.