Ullr (ウル, Uru) is a God Warrior, a subordinate of Drbal armed with a large sword capable of cutting through solid rock.


Ullr's first appears along Rung and Midgard as the Bronze Saints and Saori are preparing to leave Valhalla Palace, but they are escorted safely from the palace by Frey. Ullr later intercepts Shun when the Bronze Saint sets out to save Saori from Dolbar. Ullr think Shun's chains are purely defensive, but Shun demonstrates that Ullr is mistaken. However, in the end Shun is still no match for Ullr, who easily slits through the Nebula Chains and Shun's Cloth with his sword. After mocking the power of the Saints of Athena, Ikki arrives to relieve his brother in battle, killing Ullr with one stroke. 



Flaming Sword: Ullr simply uses his blade, which is able to slice through the mountains and even the Nebula Chain.


  • Ullr shares his name with the Norse god of archery, the son of the goddess Sif and stepson of the god Thor. Ancient accounts depict him as a mighty god, but his function is obscured. Ullr's name translates to mean "Glory".