Typhon (テュポン, Tyupon) is the last giant of Gaia born of the union with Tartarus, the lord of the winds, the father of all evil spells. Has a hundred heads of snakes, black tongues and eyes blazing. Is a capricious god, especially with its monstrous body attached. Since this was destroyed in the era of myth, is forced to use the body as a puppet of Mei. After several complaints, takes possession of the body of Enceladus, creating a nice enough figure composed of fire, wind and lightning. Having also incorporated into the cosmos of the other Giants, has a rather fragmented, made up of various personalities (sometimes crude, sometimes takes the philosophical discourses of Toas).

The Giants just to blindly obey him "fear", to the point of sacrificing himself without protest. Typhon correctly points out that even the Knights of Athena are manipulated like puppets by the goddess herself, but through love.

In the end, Typhon is defeated when it was most vulnerable, the moment of passage from one body to the final (an empty shell of Adamas). Mei is sacrificed to the god to seal them together in a cocoon formed by the threads of his armor.

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