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Sho (翔) is one of Steel Saints. His armor is in shape of a small jet plane or air glider in mainly maroon red color. He has Power of "sky waves", able to absorb enemy's technique blast and attack from air.


His first appearance with the other knights of steel is in the Hyoga confrontation Babel at the Coliseum of the Foundation. There, Ushio and Daichi made his only his second appearance with the other knights of steel on in the confrontation of Shiryu from Algol, Perseus Silver Ghost and witness the sacrifices of the holy dragon to defeat Algol. Then, when attacked by Spartan, the Holy mental powers, to use a special mechanism and demonstrating his armor and his main weapon.

Sho has a third appearance in combat, although relatively short, Seiya help when in trouble against the Holy One of the Tarantula in Jamir.


Hurricane called Steel (Steel Hurricane).Along with fellow Ushio, both run at full speed in a circle, creating a whirlwind of air capable of putting out fires giant like Babel.

Special features of the armorEdit

His armor has four turbines capable of absorbing and returning enemy attacks, is completely mechanical and cybernetics. It was created by Professor Asamori under the directives of Mitsumasa Kido and is not living as conventional armor of Athena.


4 turbines on each forearm allows Sho absorb any energy attack that is dealt to project and store it again with a strong jet to her attacker, it is disconcerting, in general, the opponent.

Other MediaEdit

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  • Sho is Japanese for "fly high".
  • When you enter combat itself as "Sho, the Frame Celeste" (Sky Cloth Sho not).
  • Sho is the Knight Steel more involved in the battles and missions of the Bronze Saints.
  • Although his armor does not represent any constellation, not having been created by Athena, often after Sho is the image of a red bird with long beaks, which can be identified with the constellation of the Toucan.
  • Although Sho does not participate in the combined technique of his companions, Steel Hurricane, you can invoke Daichi and Ushio for use as a special combo in the game called Saint Seiya: The Hades.
  • Often the sleeves of their clothes disappear, showing his arm. This failure occurs only when animation has armor, and is the only Knight Steel happens.

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