Troll Ivan (天敗星 トロルのイワン, Tenpaisei Tororu no Iwan) is one of Hades' 108 Spectres. Ivan's power lies in the Divine Defeating Star.

Plot overview

Supposedly one of Hades' strongest Specters, Troll Ivan didn't live up to his reputation when he had to engage in combat with one of the legendary Saints of Athena.

Ivan was renowned for possessing great strength that he used in hand-to hand combat, but his size and resistance didn't help either. When Cygnus Hyoga and Dragon Shiryu were fighting their way through the Prisons of the Underworld they came face-to-face with Ivan at the Third Prison. Understimating the Saints of Athena, Ivan posed confidently and said : "I won't let you pass through the third prison, for I am...". In that exact moment, Hyouga made him silent by freezing him with his Diamond Dust at absolute zero.

Taking the full force of the Diamond Dust, all Ivan could do was try to finish his phrase : "For I am...Ivan of the Divine Defeating Star..." , which became his final words, and then he collapsed dead.

In the anime adaptation, Ivan's intervention is exactly identical to the events in the manga.

The lost Canvas

He appears briefly as Hades' bodyguard at the entrance of the Lost Canvas. In the anime adaptation, Ivan appeared as Hades' bodyguard in Italy.

Surplice, Name and Star


Troll Surplice

  • Troll Surplice

The Troll Surplice represents a Troll, a mythical creature from Norse folklore. In Norse myths, the word troll was a synonym for a "jotun", or giant, the traditional archenemy of the Nordic gods. Trolls were often shown to be powerful and skilled in magic, yet were generally brutish and unattractive creatures.

  • Divine Defeating Star

Ivan's Star is the Divine Defeating Star. From the Water Margin story, his star originates from the character Ruan Xiaoqi.

  • Ivan

The name Ivan is the Slavic form of the name John, which itself means "graced by God".


  • Though Masami Kurumada gave him one technique, Greatest Perestroika, he didn't draw Ivan performing it in his manga.
  • Ivan is one of the Specters that was defeated more quickly and easily.
  • Ivan is sometimes seen as a comic relief as before he could say his name he was defeated by Hyouga and plus the fact that his star was the Divine Star of Defeat.
  • It is unclear if Kurumada was trying to be "ironic" about Ivan, since the star name Defeating can also mean Defeated or loose (敗), shows how fast Ivan was defeated rather him defeating his enemies.


"I won't let you pass through the third prison, for I am...For I am...Ivan of the Divine Defeating Star..."


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