Japanese トリヴィクラマセーナ
Romanization Torivikuramasēna
Alias(es) Chakravartin
General Information
Classification Gladiator
Black Cloth
God Cloth
God Robe
Ars Magna
Sacred Sword
Evil Star
Abilities shown
Named techniques Activate Sword Curse
Bofu no Baku
Bofu no Yaiba
Enken Tenrin
Holy Sword Embodiment
Holy Sword Tower
Items used Aparajita
Biographical Information
Race Human
Gender Male
Place of birth
Place of training
Place of death
Blood type
Zodiac sign
Height 210 cm
Weight 130 kg
Family Vidyadhara Clan
Debut Saint Seiya: Episode G - Assassin - Chapter 51 "The Beast fangs showing"
Appearances Saint Seiya: Episode G - Assassin
Japanese voice
English voice
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"I am the Chakravartin of the Vidyadhara Clan. The Name by which everyone knows me is Trikvikramasena."

Trivikramasena (トリヴィクラマセーナ, Torivikuramasēna) is the Gladiator bearer of the Sacred Sword, Aparajita .



Trivikramasena is a warrior of dark skin complexion, red eyes and black hair kept short to just over his neck. Trivikramasena is a tall and very muscular warrior. As a civilian he wears a white shirt with black letters written on it, as well as another pink shirt tied around his neck, and green shorts with white, purple, yellow, and dark blue spots.


Trivikramasena is a warrior full of confidence, yet he has demonstrated concerned about the welfare of civilians. He also has shown be chivalrous refusing to raise his fist against a woman because in his own words "they are the ones who understand."

Trivikramasena has also shown a degree of narcissism asking to have at least twenty pictures taken of himself posing and flexing his muscles.

One of the most remarkable features of his personality is the fact that his "dream" is to have to use all his power during a battle. Having been so long since he last fought at full power depresses him but according to his own words he is already used to it.


A sword roundEdit

Trivikramasena appears for the first time defeating an unknown Gladiator .

Trivikramasena reappears before Yoshino Hino and Deroa Tefi in Shizuoka Prefecture, Waterfront Station Atami, street Heiwa, there Trivikramasena asks them to take at least twenty photos of himself. Deroa Tefi reveals be aware that he was a Gladiator. Hearing this Trivikramasena apologizes for having underestimated Yoshino Hino and asks her to accompany him as her power is even greater than Tomoe, however at that time Shura appears in the area to see them. Trivikramasena then prepares to fight him but before starting the battle Trivikramasena asks to change locations for the battles so no innocent bystanders may be harmed from the confrontation. He then punches Shura with such great that strength that he's sent into a rose garden in Shizuoka prefecture, city of Atami Joutaga. There the Gladiator quickly launches several blows on the Gold Saint, however when he prepares to attack again, Shura manages to stop this coup and equips the Gold Cloth of Capricorn. The Gladiator quickly creates "circular swords" to attack it is ultimately countered by with Excalibur, however it does not take an effect on Trivikramasena and it is Shura that ends up badly injured. After another attacking him again, the Gladiator expresses is disappointment of not using his full power. At that time Shura stands up attacking the Gladiator and like before, just ends up hurting himself due to the invincible sword. Trivikramasena immediately attacks Shura afterwards but again he rises and attacks the Gladiator, whom feels amazed by Shura's determination of not giving up. He decides to give him an warrior's death a warrior and then attacks him with the Holy Sword Embodiment and the Holy Sword Tower seriously injuring the Gold Saint who stands again while Trivikramasena again hits him repeatedly. however Shura gets to his feet yet again.

Techniques and Abilities Edit

As a Gladiator Trivikramasena posses master of his cosmos and has strength so great even without using his full power that he typically doesn't need any strategy to win an fight.

  • Curse Sword Activate (魔剣起動(カース·ソード·アクティベート), Kasu Sodo Akutibēto): The user burns their cosmos to the maximum, and pronounces the command or name of this technique, the Gladiator is then coated by their Sacred Sword as if it were armor, this makes their swords become part of their defense and their attack.
  • Holy Sword Embodiment (聖剣具現(ホーリー·ソード·エンボディメント), Sodo Hori Enbodimento, lit. Incarnation of the Sacred Sword): A sword technique used by Gladiators after wearing their Sacred Sword like armor; the Gladiators, by raising their cosmo to the maximum are able to realize the strength of their Holy Swords found within their spirits, this is movement is considered the true power of the Gladiators .
  • Enken Tenrin (円剣転輪):
  • Holy Sword Tower (聖剣屹立(ホーリー·ソード·タワー), Hori Sodo Tawa): Using their Sacred Sword, the user launches a huge cut of cosmos that destroys everything in its path until slicing up their opponent.
  • Bofu no Baku (暴風乃縛, Bōfū no Baku, lit. Binding Strong Winds): is a sword technique used by Trivikramasena; The technique involves generating wind, which does not allow the opponent to make any evasive movement, the forming chakran wind captures the opponent to leaving them exposed to the next attack of the enemy.
  • Bofu no Yaiba (暴風乃刃, Bōfū no Yaiba, lit. Strong Wind Blade): is a technique of a sword used by Trivikramasena; the technique involves the generation of sharp-edged winds that cuts anything, Trivikramasena extends his left arm skyward and begins to generate several wind currents that turn into wind swords, which becomes a storm of swords.

Quotes Edit

  • "I just can't raise my hand against a woman."
  • "I never get the opportunity to release all of my power. Because everyone dies when faced with less than half of it."
  • "Since you are a man... I don't mind smashing my fist into you!"

Gallery Edit

Notes Edit

  • He has a similar build to that of the Taurus Saints.  


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