Triple Rod Halimede (トリプルロッドのハリメデ, Toripuru Roddo no Harimede) is one of the Pallasites under the service of the goddess Pallas, whose mission is to eliminate the Saints that protect Athena. Halimede is a Pallasites Third Class.


Halimede has proven to be a very confident man, who only cares about his own strenght. He truly believes that emotions and bonds are only nuisances in the way of becoming a true warrior. He even mocked Ryuhou for caring about his mother Shunrei and trying to fight for his friends.


Rozan AttackEdit


Halimede in the shadow

Halimede was ordered to kill Dragon Ryuho , leaving a group of Pallasites soldiers to fight Kouga, Sohma, Yuna and Subaru, so they would not interfere in his mission. When he sees Ryuhou and Shunrei alone, he decides to reveal his presence. He attacks viciously Ryuhou, who is trying to protect Shunrei from the attacks of the Pallasite. Halimede disregards the Dragon Saint, saying that trying to protect his family is an act of one with feeble heart.

Seeing that his mother was in grave danger, Ryuhou regained the strenght to fight, for his family and friends, and thus awekened the new Dragon Cloth. With his new armor, Ryuhou became more resistant against the attacks of Halimede. Even though the Pallasite attacked with his special technique Flare Shot, Ryuhou proved too strong and defeated him with a powerful Rozan Shoryu Ha. Defeated by the boy, Halimede furiously vowed revenge before fleeing from the place.

Fight Agains ShunEdit


Halimede vs Shun

Subsequently, Halimède attacks a village where most of its inhabitants find themselves frozen. While he has two younger brothers survived - Philip and Ray - it is intercepted by the legendary Saint Andromeda Shun. Clearly in trouble, he promises his opponent not to attack the villagers. Nevertheless, it is a lie with his Chrono Delayed it freezes Philip then took advantage of the confusion to escape.

Some time later, Halimède approach Ray and promises to free his brother when the boy manages to bring him Clostone Andromeda. With the arrival of Shun, Halimède fled again.  The next night, Ray successfully performs its mission. However, Shun, fully aware of the flight, attended the scene. A fight ensues between the Pallasite and Saint-free protection. Despite this, Shun manages to disarm his opponent.

Then makes it sing, arguing that it will make its normal state if Ray lets Andromeda himself be killed. Shun accepts the market and even asks Yuna, arrived, not to interfere. But the situation took a radically different turn when Ray, remorseful, intervenes to save Shun. He then takes his new Cloth and quickly get rid of Pallasite, finally forced to leave the premises.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit

During the Battle of Pallas Belda, Titan donated Halimède a new weapon, the "Phantom Eater." The Pallasite he meets Raki, and learning that she is the disciple of Kiki  tries to capture. It is however prevented by Kōga, along with Subaru.

At first, Halimede, with its new sansetsukon, has the advantage over the two Saints, one being exhausted by successive fights and the other is handicapped by preventing Cloth fight. However, Subaru finally solve this problem and then defeated Halimede quickly with his  Pleiades Tempest.


  • Flail Shooter (フレイルシュート, Fureiru Shūto):Halimede turns his triple bar at high speed until it heats up and form a massive disk, and then he shoots his Speed ​​Triple Rod against the enemy. During the course multiply their flaming discs, reaching the enemy with several punches at one time.
  • Chrono Delayed (クロノディレイド, Kurono Direido):
  • Triple Disaster (トリプルディザスター, Toripuru Dizasutā):
  • Brutal Phantom (ブルータルファントム, Burūtaru Fantomu):
  • Phantom Scream (ファントムスクリーム, Fantomu Sukurīmu):


  • In mythology, Halimede is one of the Nereids, a family of 50 sea nymphs who were the daughters of Nereus, the shape-shifting sea god. 
  • Halimede is also the name of one of Neptune's minor moons. This is unique among the Pallasites, as most are named after the moons of Saturn (with a few being named after Jupiter's moons).


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