Tokumaru Tatsumi (辰巳 徳丸, Tatsumi Tokumaru) is Saori's butler, bodyguard and right-hand man.

Chronology (86)Edit

Was in charge of overseeing the orphans who were to be sent out all over the world to train and become Bronze Saints, and since he was extremely severe and downright abusive at times, most of them are resentful towards him. He always tries to be strong and protect Saori but even the Sanctuary soldiers can defeat him. (However, not without struggle as he offered a considerable resistance for an outnumbered man) He starts as a rather flat and downright abusive retairner for the future Saints, later develops as a man who was honor-bound to protect Saori, and ultimately was the series' comic relief.

Sanctuary ArcEdit

In Sanctuary arc, he defends the dying Saori near Aries Temple.

Poseidon ArcEdit

In Poseidon arc he is still with Saori.

Hades ArcEdit

In Hades arc anime, he teaches Shun something.

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