Toki (斗樹, Toki) is one of the 100 orphans sent to different parts of the world for the Kido Foundation, with the goal of becoming saints to protect Athena, however Toki became a Ghost in the service of the goddess Eris.


Toki is presented as a young man full of hatred and revenge toward the Kido Foundation as they were to blame for all the pain and suffering they suffered because of this foundation, according Emony these feelings were germinated in a seed of Young wrong, no Toki no affection to his old friend, Jabu, saying it would destroy the Kido Foundation starting with Jabu, the Ghost also demonstrated confident the powers were granted by the goddess Eris.


Encounter JabuEdit

Toki reaches the Kido mansion, where it meets Jabu, who have before him an old acquaintance asks if he had become a Saint, which Toki makes clear position that was not claiming that he had returned to revenge for all the pain and suffering he suffered because of the Kido foundation, then Toki is revealed as a Ghost in the service of the goddess Eris, at this revelation Jabu decides to fight against his old friend, using his Unicorn Gallop getting hit Toki, but to the surprise of the Bronze Saint, Toki gets up saying that now thanks to the goddess Eris has an even greater than the power of the Saints.

Toki is defeated by Jabu but now appears Saori who takes the Ghost in his hands, seeing Toki reconsiders his actions because he wanted to be a Saint and return to Japan, eventually this becomes several Galanthus, according Mii, in the language of flowers means hope.

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