Thunderclap Toas (迅雷のトアス, Jinrai no Toasu) is one of the Giants.


Among the various giant is looking more normal. She features elegant, long hair and light skin blacks. It 's more thoughtful and intelligent than his buddies and has a vaguely poetic spirit. His philosophy is to fight to fight.


Toas Manages to defeat Shun, but is trapped by ice Hyoga. In fact, the fight was just a farce. Toas reappears after but was immediately killed as a sacrifice to Typhon.


His Adamas is dark green and is made ​​of his name is Malachite. Is adorned with various stones embedded that resemble green eyes. Adamas Compared to the rest of the Giants.


  • Stigma (スティグマ, Sutiguma): Is Technique consists of many small bites that bleed the opponent.
  • Avenger Shot (アヴェンジャーショット, Avenjā Shotto):

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