The Titans.

Children of Gaia and Uranus, the Titans (ティターン神族, Titān Shinzoku) are twelve deities that ruled the world in ancient times. They rose to power after the youngest Titan, Cronus, took arms against his tyrannical father and killed him at the urge of his mother. Cursed by Uranus to suffer the same fate, however, Cronus became a tyrant in turn and was defeated and sealed into Tartarus along with the rest of the Titans by Zeus, his son, after a battle known as the Titanomachy. Revived by Pontos and with the Time Labyrinth (刻ノ迷宮 – クロノスラビュリントス, Kuronosu Rabyurintosu) serving as their headquarters, the Titans seek to once more establish themselves as rulers of the Earth.

Their weapons and armours are called Somas (楚真 – ソーマ, Sōma) and their power is that of the divine Cosmo called Dunamis (デュナミス, Dunamisu). The Titan King's Soma is guarded by Athena's Saints, which leads them to attack Sanctuary

They first appear as the main antagonists of Episode G, but some of them later help the Gold Saints, as they discover that Pontos had been manipulating them for his own ends.

Other characters related to the Titans:

  • Prometheus, son of Iapetus and Themis
  • Eurybia, wife of Kreios, daughter of Pontos
  • Atlas (titan), son of Iapetus and Themis, only appears as a cameo;

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