Thrones Mois (座天使(スローン)のモア Surōn no Moa ), is one Fallen angel in Seiya film Warriors of the Final Holy Battle


At first, Moa and the other fallen angels are present as shadows that kill Gold Saints left in the Sanctuary .</span> At the foot of the Statue of Athena , Lucifer descends to Earth, and cut the head of the statue. Later return to the same place, where Athena and some of the players have discovered the statue. Following the announcement of Lucifer, that will give the land to Poseidon , Abel and Eris , Moa and other Fallen Angels frustrate an attempt to attack the Bronze Saints. Lucifer, leaving them seriously injured.Fallen Angeles return to their temple, the Pandemonium where they expect the sacrifice of Athena.

Later, when Bronze Saints were admitted to the Pandemonium, Moa emerges from the ground against Hyoga and Seiya . Hyoga Moa locks in an ice block temporarily so Seiya can continue, Moa escapes from prison shortly after gelida, and is submitted to Hyoga. Moa is able to read the minds of their opponents and use the memories of their enemies against them. Moa creates an illusion of Natassia , Hyoga's mother, which makes it unable to attack his opponent. Moa takes to launch several attacks Hyoga and destroy his armor. Finding the brink of death, Hyoga is able to go against your feelings and strikes the image of his mother and Aurora Thunder Attack , defeating Moa, who was surprised by the resilience shown Hyoga to meet its objectives.


  • Demon Fantasia (デモン・ファンタジア, Demon Fantashia). Mois is able to read the mind of an opponent and create an illusion that undermines the opponent psychologically.


Between Fiction and Mythology

Mois refers to Angolmois, a demon that Nostradamus prophesied would destroy the world in the year 1999.


  • Moi's aura creates butterflies and fairies. For the Greeks, the butterflies were a symbol of the soul. Fairies are also said to be an alternate fate for the fallen angels; upon being banished from Heaven, they grew smaller and weaker, ultimately becoming little fairies with translucent versions of their once-great wings.
  • His technique reminds the characters Limnade Caça, able to read minds and make other appearances, and Papillon Myu, which is also surrounded by butterflies and fairies.
  • Mois is presented as the "Hunter of Spirits" for his ability to find the weaknesses of his enemy and use them against him. This is another reference to the Angelic Order of Thrones, who possess many eyes and can see throughout all Creation.
  • Mois's dress has two pieces of fabric that hang from the arms, reminding the wings of some insects.
  • When Mois is about to kill Hyoga, there are some bells that announce the Angelus.