The Third Prison (第三プリズン - (だいさんプリズン)) is the resting place of the greedy and miserly dead; as Kanon stated, it is the place for those let their lives be controlled by their desires. As a penalty for their greediness in life, these spirits are made to roll huge boulders up a steep hill. Before they can reach the top, the massive stones will always roll back down, forcing them to begin again for eternity. The Specters Golem Rock and Troll Ivan guard this prison.


  • The punishment of this prison resembles the myth of King Sisyphus. In the myth, for first betraying Zeus and then attempting to cheat Death, Sisyphus was punished by being made to constantly try rolling a boulder up a hill.
  • In the Divine Comedy of Dante Aligheri, rather than roll the stones up a hillside, the greedy and the misers race towards one another shoving rocks at each another until they inevitably crash together; the two groups then start all over again. In an original illustration by Gustav Dore, the rocks are instead depicted as giant bags of money. 

Appearances Edit

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