Themis (テミス, Temisu) (Greek: Θέμις, Themis) is the Titaness of Justice and Righteous Conduct, and the wife of Dimension Iapetos. Pontos released her at the same time as the other Titanesses, as well as her brothers Okeanos and Kreios. She is also the mother of the Titans Prometheus and Atlas, and seeks retribution against the Olympians for their suffering.


Themis is wild, angry and rude towards enemies. In fights, she likes to make her enemies die slowly, not for pleasure, like her consort Iapetos, but to make them feel the power of justice.


She is mother of Prometheus and nurtures a strong desire for revenge over the punishment Zeus bestowed on her son. She and Iapetos fought against the Olympians with the other Titans, but they were defeated, and she was imprisoned in the Underworld alongside her husband and siblings.

Themis first appeared with the other Titanesses as they protected Kronos from Aiolia's "Photon Burst". There, she fought against the Leo Saint and defeated him, only to be stopped by Capricorn Shura when delivering a would-be finishing blow. She left her opponents under her "Brabeus Talanton" and did not reappear until later alongside Iapetos in Kronos's Labyrinth, to fight Leo Aiolia and Virgo Shaka. In the end, she gave her life so Iapetos could use her power. Her body is later brought back to Tartarus along with her husband's, by Prometheus.


As the embodiment of Justice, Themis is able to use people's sins against them, in the form of an extreme pressure able to crush those who are judged by her. She judges from a god's point of view, though, so crimes against gods are especially damning. Her Soma has the shape of a flamberge.

  • Brabeus Blade (審判乃刃(ブラベウスブレイド), Burabeusu Bureido): a cut made ​​with a kick, which can rebound the attack of an enemy.
  • Brabeus Talanton (審判乃天秤(ブラベウスタラントロン), Burabeusu Taranton): Themis creates a balance that crushes the enemy with the weight of their sins. This weight is determined by Themis's own sense of justice, and can crush an opponent to death depending on the seriousness of the sins in Themis's eyes.


  • In classical mythology, Themis's consort wasn't Iapetos, but in fact Zeus himself, as she was once Zeus's wife before his eventual marriage to his older sister, Hera. Zeus and Themis are the parents of the three Fates, as well as the Hours and several minor goddesses who embody human justice and righteousness.
  • Themis's ability to judge others mirrors her Titaness counterpart, as the mythological Themis is the embodiment of Divine Justice and Proper Manners. However, her ferocity in executing punishment is something more attributed to Themis's close associate, Nemesis, the goddess of retribution.

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