Theia (ティア, Tia; Greek: Θεία, Theia) is one of the six Titanesses, released along with her brothers Okeanos and Kreios. She is the consort of Ebony Hyperion.


Theia has not been explored by Megumu Okada, so it is difficult to define her personality. However, she has proven to be a woman who tends to worry in silence and express this concern through short dialogues.


Not much is known about her, but, like the other Titans, she seems to be very loyal to Kronos.


  • In classical mythology, Theia is also the mother of Helios, (the Titan of the sun), Selene (the Titaness of the Moon) and Eos (the Titaness of the sunrise). In some myths, her two former children are replaced in their functions by Apollo and Artemis respectively.

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