The Minotaur (ミノタウロス, Minotaurosu) is invoked by King Minos when dying to destroy Aioria.


When King Minos, severely damaged, not give up and displays a relic that represents the head of the Minotaur. His incarnate Son Minotaure this attack, then Aiolia. Although considered qu'Aiolia. Minos as a worthless man, he feels no anger toward the Minotaur, understanding that this is just born by mistake because of the cruelty and greed of Minos. He promises that this beast would certainly have preferred human being born who will ensure that the future of children is captured bright, so bright in the place of the monster who did. The Minotaur was eventually defeated by the Ray and Aiolia and his companions left the maze with the help of Ariadne's thread, on loan from the Sanctuary.

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