The Four Gates of Buddha is a powerful ability of Virgo Shijima , with whom he created a powerful protective barrier which encases the opponent in an powerful illusion and shows the four gates that cross tube Buddha. The only way to overcome this technique is to choose one of the 4 ports. Buddha experienced pain at the gates of birth, sickness and old age, suffering in the east, south and west, before realizing he should go out the north gate, the Gate of Death, the which came become a monk.

  • Death Gate: When open this door, Garuda Suikyo received a huge attack power that made ​​her disappear completely cosmos of Sanctuary, falling into an endless darkness that would send him to the Underworld.
  • Gate of Aging: On opening this door, the older person's body instantly losing the strength to carry on.
  • Gate Disease: When I open this door, the person is immediately infected with a serious illness.
  • Door of Life: When you open this door, the person faces a passage infinite suffering, causing drift forever by the Virgo Temple.

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