The Birth of the Sacred Treasure, the Gungnir Spear is the twelfth episode of Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold.

Synopsis Edit

Aiolia, after being entrusted with his brother Aiolos' strong will and Lyfia's wish, puts on the Odin Robe and goes up against Loki with Odin's sword and the noble weapon Draupnir. The fusion of Aiolia and Lyfia's powers starts to corner Loki. However, as Lyfia has been the representative on the land for not long, she starts to be overcome by Odin's power. At the same time, the seed of Gungnir matures, and the revival of the sacred treasure, the Gungnir Spear, is close at hand. Aiolia's fist and the revival of the Gungnir Spear... Which will grab victory? The ultimate battle to the death will reach the climax!

Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

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