Tezcatlipoca (テスカトリポカ, Tesukatoripoka) is the god worshiped by the Aztecs. Warriors Jaguars and servants of this god seeking release it. He is sealed inside his temple in the jungles of Mexico.


Tezcatlipoca and his followers came to Earth from another world thousands of years ago, along with his enemy Quetzalcoatl to monitor the evolution of the human race if mankind had developed on the wrong track here would use their vast powers to destroy the world and permit after its reconstruction, then return to Quetzalcoatl into outer space.

Five years before the Holy War against Hades, the 17th century, his priest Wesda decides it's time to wake up to their God, and (after the meeting Scorpio Kardia ) decides to Kardia's heart to his God, subtracting the heat of the sick heart of Kardia Tezcatlipoca and donated it to despertar.el god is freed, but the monstrous god re-sealed by the little Sasha , which now has (through the example of Scorpio Kardia) of your paper as the goddess Athena.