Terrestrial Star of Slavery is a character from the manga and anime Saint Seiya known as The Knights of the Zodiac. is one of the 108 Specters of the army of Hades, god of Hell . From the Water Margin story, his star originates from the character Li Li.


is one of the Specters Guided by Cyclops Gigant. who traveled to the shrine of Greece to take the head of Athena. these Specters discovers that three of the Gold Saints converted specters had killed three of their Specters and taken its place: The spectrum who commands the troops of spectra that were sent to the Sanctuary, by order of Wyvern Rhadamanthys.

Arriving at the house of Leo, five spectra are defeated by Aiolia. Raimi Aiolia handle calls, to which access Cyclops Gigant, and Cyclops Gigant of Specter along with their path. Giganto and spectra come to the house of Virgo, wondering what became of Shaka, this makes an appearance showing a necklace and telling them to take care of cleaning your evil soul, sending them to another world. Shaka with his cosmos, but it uses the Kahn and stop all attacks. Shaka will show your necklace with 108 pearls, saying it is a tool to exorcise and each pearl is one of the 108 spectra, the number of beads that change color is the number of spectra that have fallen and others. Hatching Shaka used his Celestial spirits of Good and Evil and spirits appear to eliminate the other specters, but the attack is stopped by Dullahan Cube, which is actually Saga. Later, Shaka kills all of the remaining Specters in Virgo Temple including Terrestrial Star of Slavery.


"To think he's called 'close to god'... Even Gold Saints hold life dear."

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