There's a total of 72 Terrestrial Star Specters. But in the anime series only 11 of the specters are present.The 72 Terrestrial Specters along with the 36 Celestial Star Specters make up Hades' 108 Specters in both the series and manga. The Terrestrial Specters are ranked somewhat like the Bronze Saints or the Silver Saints due to the fact that they're the lowest rank and that there are more of them but they still can't compare to the power of the other 36 Specters, but like some of the Bronze Saints like Seiya are said to be stronger than the the Gold Saint it's possible to have some Terrestrial Specter that is actually quite powerful and fearsome, like Papillon Myu. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are as strong as lowrer class Saints, because it's often clear that even the Terrestrial Star Specter, while being mostly a small threat for a Gold Saint-level character, are indeed terribly dangerous for a lower Saint. It can be assumed that a Specter by nature should be stronger than a standard Bronze Saint or Silver Saint, that's suggested also when the Cerberus, Sagitta and Auriga Silver Saints from The Lost Canvas increased dramatically their power for the sole reason of having becomed Specters. Although this, the Terrestrial Specters are pretty much extras, they're only there to strengthen Hades' forces in numbers more than in individual talents. These Specters are mostly used to do dirty work like getting rid of dead Saints, spying, guards of wards, and giving information. They usually group themselves to hordes, better using anti-dumping(tax) strategy to deal with them.

List of Terrestrial Star Specters

Saint Seiya (1986)

Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension