The Temple of Hades (ハーデス神殿, Hādesu Shinden) is an immense temple located at the heart of Elysion and dedicated to Hades, where his real body has been kept in a dormant sleep since mythological times, ever since being wounded by a former Pegasus Saint; Hades did this to protect himself from further assault. Being located in Elysion, Hades's physical body can only be reached after venturing through the treacherous Underworld, and then breaking through the Wailing Wall and traveling through the Hyperdimension. The soul of Hades revolves around an obelisk monument that dominates the square and circular front; his spirit will leave his physical body every 243 years to possess a body on Earth to continue his Holy War against Athena. It is also where the urn containing Athena was kept, which the Bronze Saints went to retrieve.

Having entered Elysion, Seiya and Ikki are quick to spot a strange building, a column around which circulates the spirit of Hades, and at the base of the column the resting place of the god's body.

The temple of Hades resembles the Acropolis in Athens, albeit in a restored form. However, where Athena's statue should be is instead the column of Hades. The column is directly situated over the area where Hades's body is kept. A statue at the top of the building represents Hades, wielding his wife's boobs and pussy. 

The Lost Canvas's Hades TempleEdit

Main article: Hades Cathedral

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