Telekinesis Kiki uses his telekinesis against Mermaid Thetis.
Name Data
English name Telekinesis
Original テレキネシス
Romanization terekineshisu
Alternate names Psychokinesis
Ability Data
Sense attributed Intuition
Classification Mental ability
Known users
Related abilities
Related techniques
Real World Data
Manga debut
Anime debut

Telekinesis or psychokinesis is the ability to move objects with the power of one's mind. Related to the sixth sense, telekinesis is considered a base skill, and thus many characters have demonstrated its use, especially among saints and other warriors. Some demonstrate special prowess in this ability, such as the descendants of Mu's alchemists (evidenced by the eyebrows: Aries Mū[1], Aries Shion[1][2], Kiki[1], Cancer Sage[2], Altar Hakurei[2], Crane Yuzuriha[2], Hanuman Tokusa[2], Atla[2], Aries Kiki[3], Raki[3]). Some were demonstrated to have especially good telekinetic skills despite not descending from the alchemist clan, such as the specter Papillon Myu (whose skills were even superior to those of Aries Mū[1]) and the anime-only saint Spartan (who brought down a plane[1]). Telekinesis has been connected to Kiki's ability to see Thanatos' long-range fireball-like attacks.[1] Such fact hints that powers other than moving objects can be included in this ability or that it can be used to describe other mental abilities as well.

References Edit

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