Due to the type design Cloth Stone , Taurus Cloth the changes a bit , it seems to become more robust , seems to have the same style but changed a bit thanks to the Cloth Stone, Taurus Cloth Stone The frames have some color on the chest and other parts they serve to emulate the appearance of Toro.

The helmet has a design like the rest of the cloth is different from the classic manga, the left horn is broken, while the right has no rupture, shoulder pads has an almost identical design to that above version, but with details on their like " half moons " interior , the chest is completely different , chest protection has overlapping protections like each other, the two side waist protector protectors and two front guards , guard pelvis has the lowest size in the forearm has three overlapping protections each other as if they were attached protective arm is a "simple" design even dare wrist arm unifies elbows , protectors thighs and feet also have a design "simple" but his feet have an almost identical design to the classic manga, with small differences like not having a " horn" in the knee

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