Taurus Cloth is the cloth of the Taurus Aldebaran in Saint Seiya, Taurus Rasgado in Saint Seiya: Lost Canvas and Taurus Ox in Saint Seiya: Next Dimension. It is one of the highest-class clothes that Athena's Saints wield, the Gold Cloths.


In Greek mythology, Taurus was identified with Zeus, who had assumed the form of a bull to abduct Europa, a legendary Phoenician princess, bringing her to the island of Crete where she ruled as the first queen. In some tellings, the bull is instead identified with the Cretan Bull, a once-beautiful white bull that had been a gift from Poseidon to Minos when the latter asked for a worthy sacrifice to the gods. When Minos decided not to sacrifice the bull, Poseion made it insane; it wandered around and killed many people before arriving at Marathon. The bull was placed among the stars to end the rampage.

In Babylonian myths, the Taurus constellation was thought to be the Bull of Heaven, which the goddess Ishtar released to destroy the hero Enkidu for rejecting her romantic advances. Enkidu defeated the Bull with his friend, King Gilgamesh, but rashly threw the bull's corpse back up at the heavens as an insult to Ishtar. Ishtar infected Enkidu with a deadly disease for the affront, but the body of the Bull remained in the skies.


Saint Seiya

Taurus Aldebaran was the Guardian of the second house of Sanctuary. A strong warrior, with a brave heart and a high sense of justice. His armor suffers its first damage ever to the hand of Pegasus Seiya, its left horn being broken. Seeing it as a proof of the Bronze Saints strength, he decides to let them go on. He will never repair the horn, to remember defeat.

Later on, during the Poseidon Arc, the Taurus Cloth will defend Athena on itself against Sorento, while Aldebaran is unconscious.

It is last seen during the Hades Arc, when all the Gold Saints are united to break the Wailing Wall.

The Lost Canvas

Taurus Rasgado is the Guardian of the second house of Sanctuary, considered the fastest amongst the Gold Saints of the time. He is seen fighting Bennu Kagaho, and surviving punishment which would have killed any normal main, or lesser Saint. He will be killed by the Specter Dullahan Cube. It is said that the armor will befall on Rasgado's apprentice, Teneo.

Next Dimension

Taurus Ox is the Guardian of the second house of Sanctuary.


This is the form the Taurus Gold Cloth takes during the original Saint Seiya series. The Cloth was first seen when the Bronze Saints attack the Sanctuary (in chapter 29, contained in vol.8 of the manga). Like most Gold Cloth's original forms, it covers most of the body in a golden armor. It seems to be the bulkiest armor of the twelve.

The Cloth was last seen in Hades, not one of the five Gold Cloths send to Elyseum by Poseidon.