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Terrestrial Star Specters

Constellation / star

Terrestial Flying Star


Sylph Surplice

Voiced by

Yasuyuki Kase

Terrestial Flying Star, Sylph Edward (地飛星シルフのエトヴァルト Chihisei Shirufu no Etovaruto?), was a Specter in command of the group sent by Hades to Jamir in order to recover the Mokugenji fruits, which were stolen from the Underworld by Tenma, Yato and Yuzuriha.

Upon arrival, while passing through the Graveyard of Saint Cloths, the group was attacked by Virgo Asmita, who quickly defeated them and threw them into the abyss. However, using Hades' powers they resurrected and returned to battle, facing Tenma, Yato and Yuzuriha, watched (but not helped) by Cat Sith Chesire, while Asmita retreated to Jamir Temple to meditate and expand his cosmos. During the battle they are killed over and over again, but each time they resurrected and went back to combat.

Finally, Asmita, using his entire cosmos, purified the fruits of Mokugenji, assembled in a Rosary, which sealed the souls of the Specters, thus preventing them to resurrect. Edward and Cheshire sensed the great cosmos of a Gold Saint inside the Jamir Temple. Edward jumped to attack, but is was too late. Using his technique "Tenbu Horin", Asmita finally killed Edward and his group of Specters.

Cheshire survived the attack, and was astonished to see Edward's dead body, something that he deemed impossible.


  • Edward means "prosperous guardian".
  • Edward Sylph exclusive character of the side story " Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas ".
  • He has no special technique or attack. However, in the anime adaptation of the series he uses an energy attack to hit Jamir's protective barrier.

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