Staff Paradox (スタッフのパラドクス, Sutaffu no Paradokusu) is a Pallasites Second Class and former Gold Saint.


As a Gold SaintEdit

Main Article: Gemini Paradox

Sanctuary PrisonerEdit

Paradox was still alive, trapped by Athena at Cape Sounion not swear by loyalty to Athena after the war against Mars. She is visited by Gallia, a Pallasite First Class, that Paradox releases and gives a place in the army of Pallas as Pallasite Second Class.

Battle Of Pallas VeldaEdit

Ryuho watches the battle between Paradox and Integra

Ryuho watches the battle between Paradox and Integra.

In Pallas Velda it creates a mist that carries Ryuho where she is. She explains to Ryuho who accepted the offer of Gallia to come after him on the battlefield. Paradox attacks Ryuho fiercely until he asks why not allied to Athena but the Pallas. Paradox explains that hates Athena because she is loved by all, just because he was born as a goddess. She uses the Mirage Crossroads to Ryuho.

When Paradox would give the final assault on his sister Integra arrives that appears on Mirage From Crossroads to save Ryuho. After struggling with his sister and she ends up defeated by Ryuho attack Integra, Galactic Blast and flees teleporting, threatening revenge one day, his sister.

Battle Of VanaheimEdit

Fight Againts IntegraEdit

180px-Paradox e Gallia

Paradox surprised by the arrival of Gallia in Vanaheim

Paradox teleports Athena and the Gold Saints to a room that is in Vanaheim. Paradox then appears and says she was expecting them . She introduces herself as a Secondary Pallasite. Paradox then teleports behind Athena and attacks her but is stopped by Kiki . Soon, she teleport and faces with Athena. When trying to attack it is stopped by Integra. Soon she and her sister engage in a battle . Paradox attempts to critically wound Integra but Harbinger intervenes with his Greatest Horn.  Bruised Paradox tells the gold saints there is no value in protecting Athena. Paradox feel the cosmos of her sister and destroys increase Scepter . They soon resume the fight . Paradox uses Galaxian Ultimation technique that collides with the Galaxian Explosion of Integra . Paradox is eventually defeated. She is healed and forgiven by Athena offering Paradox another chance to fight by Athena side . When her sister gives her hand as a symbol of a new chance , Paradox rushes out saying she was not worthy of fighting alongside the Athena . Right now, Fudo feel a terrible cosmos coming and soon is cut by the sword of Gallia who had just Arrive.

Fight Against GalliaEdit

Paradox awake next to her sister and asks why she cares even though Paradox hates her. She replies that is why they are sisters. Integra says that people governing twins suffer a cruel fate. She asks her sister if she do not want to change the fate of twins, helping her. Integra says that burn the cosmos she could die. Then shortly thereafter they attack Galla. She along with her ​​sister burn their cosmo together so they can change the fate of twins and getting Gallia attack with more powerful blow from the constellation of the Twins Another Dimension. But Gallia can stop the coup. Soon after the arrival of the Bronze Saints the fourth way, Paradox asks Athena to protect them because that is the wish of her sister. Paradox before dying tells her sister that she loves her and dies soon after.


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