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The 108 warriors of Hades' army, they resides in the World of the Dead where they solve many functions, from judges, to ferrymen, to many other roles that are related to the keeping and protection of their world or to inflicting the established punishments to the sinners. But when it's about to fight, they are more than anything, the fighters that engage battle against Athena and the Saints during the recurring Holy War. Hades created the 108 Specter during the Myth Age with the purpose to have an army of powerful warriors able to rival the Gold Saints in power, but although having a strength of that level, only the high ranked Specters seems to own the needed fighting skills to do so. Most times, the whole Saints army regather itself just to oppose the threat of the 108 Specter, that is often one of the most dangerous menace the world can face. Their spirits are sealed in a tower 1000 miles west of Lushan mountains in eras of peace, put any about 250 years the seal fades and their souls inhabiting the lower planes are free to invade the world. The rebirth of the 108 Evil Stars signs the start of the hostility, although it may take years for the Hades' army to be fully reincarnated, bacause by the time the seal fades, the Evil Stars start to travel the world to unite with the destinied people that should be their vessels, and while fusing with their souls, they alter their bodies until they turn to be real demons of Hell. The 108 Evil Stars are the essence of the 108 vicious desires the Buddhism refers about. Some stated that multiplying 5 senses smell, touch, taste, hearing, sight, and thought by whether they are painful, pleasant or neutral, and then again by whether these are internally generated or externally occurring, and yet again by past, present and future, finally we get 108 feelings. 6 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 108. They are also inspired by the 108 stars of destiny of the Chinese tale called "Suikoden". In Homer's Odyssey, 108 is the number of suitors coveting Penelope, wife of Odysseus. At last Odysseus and his son defeated them all. Being the inhabitants of the Underworld itself, the Specters are not involved in the concept of death common to all the living creatures, even when they reincarnate in human bodies, because thanks to the Surplices, their armors, they are immune to death. To avoid this, the Virgo Gold Saints owns a rosary that can seal their souls so that they can die normally. Being immune to death thanks to the Surplice allow them also to travel to the Hell without having to burn their Cosmo up to levels comparable to the Eighth Sense. The Specters are classified by ranks, the Celestial Star Specters, including the 3 Judges of the Underworld, are the high-ranked and are somehow generals of the army, with duties of command and protection, the Terrestrial Star Specters are instead troops of minions that most of times form armies of soldiers at the orders of the higher-ranks. All the Specters, regardless of the the rank, are under the order of Pandora, Hades's right hand and sister, that solves a role similar to the Pope at Sanctuary. Although this, the true Hades' assistants are the Death God Thanatos and the Sleep God Hypnos, because at their eyes of deities, both Pandora and the 108 Specters are not more that puppets to exploit at their advantage.
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Many of Hades' Specters in form of custom Action Figures

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