Spear Loge (スピアのロゲ, Supia no Roge) is one of Pallasite at the service of the goddess, Pallas , sent to the Sanctuary to kill many Saints of Athena possibly as a way of coping with the goddess. He always walks surrounded by bees the size of a human head and has a spear (Brionac), leaders are capable of paralyzing the enemy and make it rock. Loge is an Pallasites Third Class.



Loge is sent Palaestra with the aim of destroying the institution and defeat as many Saints and applicants as possible. Loge guards manages to defeat and destroy the barrier protecting Palaestra , once inside Palaestra cuts the head of the statue of Athena and cause great damage to the newly renovated school. There paralyzes Saints and candidates who do not have enough force to break the effect of the technique achieves Loge and neutralize Ichi and Geki , there faces Sōma .

After defeating and considered victorious, Loge prepares to kill Saint paralyzed but is distracted by Sōma and decides to end it, and then with the other Saints of Athena . When Loge uses his Brionac attempt to assassinate Sōma , is protected by Koga who uses his Pegasus Ryusei Ken . Loge fails to understand his defeat at the hands of a Saint teletraport so it ends.

Battle Of Pallas BeldaEdit

When Saints Athena  invade Pallas Belda Loge found Sōma , accompanied by Subaru, Emma and Kelly. He immediately joined the fight against Soma and enjoying a distraction from the latter, with its Blast injures Bee Stinger. However, the Steel Saints manage to escape with their companion, with a projected by Kelly smoke.

Shortly after, he locates their retrenchment through one of his bees and the fact circle by Pallasites Soldiers. Loge, who thinks having not cope as Soma injured, is caught off guard when the Steel Saints involved: his troops bees as humans, are rolled and finds himself immobilized by Kelly - appeared in his back - then by Steel Hurricane of Subaru and Emma. This gives the time required to trigger the Sōma, Lionet Bomber. Loge does not survive this ultimate assault.


  • Chrono Delayed (クロノディレイド, Kurono Direido): Loge uses his cosmo to freeze time and paralyze his opponents. According to Loge, only those with a strong cosmo manage to escape the effect of the attack.
  • Needles Dance (ニードルダンス, Nīdoru Dansu): Of his spear, Loge fires several energy attacks, resembling needles.
  • Blast Bee Stinger (ブラストビースティンガー, Burasuto Bī Sutingā):


  • Brionac: Possess the shape of a long arrow, she has the ability to shoot at any target with only the words of his master, but Loge tanbem uses his spear in short strokes.
  • Pallasite Bees: Loge has a swarm of bees as their subordinate. Their stingers can penetrate armor and, when hit by them, enemies become unconscious.


  • Loge shares his name with a giant from Norse mythology. In a contest at the court of the giant king of Utgard, the god Loki competes in an eating contest with the giant Loge. However, Loki loses due to only eating all the meat, while Loge proceeds to eat the meat, the bones and the table itself. It is later revealed that Loge was the personification of Wildfire, which consumes anything it touches.
  • In the Wagner opera series, Loge is the Germanized name for the Norse god Loki, the god of lies and trickery.
  • Loge's weapon is a reference to Gungir, the god Wotan's magical spear. In Germanic mythology, Wotan adopted Loge into his family by making Loge his blood-brother.
  • His chestplate and knee guards have what appears to be sideways and reflected "3"s, indicating his Pallasite Class.


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