The Cronotector dressed by Dione has a design similar to a reptile , perhaps a snake or a cobra, the tiara has a face similar to the structure of a reptile , the tiara kind of structure has a "U" on the sides of the tiara has one similar to a pair of "Eyes " design , and in the bottom of the tiara can be seen similar to a pair of " teeth " , the breast has a shape similar to that of Orion Cloth structure design , presenting the structure chest attached to the protective belt dare an "extension" in the center of the stomach, dare which can not appreciate the "2" begins in the chest and ends at the waist, shoulder pads has a vertical design that flange will "extra" protection to the forearms , on top of each pad is a pair of " fangs " or " claws " , the forearms are a simple design, the arms have a basic structure used in the Second Class Cronotechs , with the difference that in the hands presents a similar upper face of a " reptile " structure , legs resubmits a basic structure used in Cronotector Second Class .

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