Skeleton Markino (雑兵 スケルトンのマルキーノ, Zōhyō Sukeruton no Marukīno) is a fictional character from Masami Kurumada's classic 1980's manga series, Saint Seiya. He was introduced in the Hades chapter as the only named person of the foot soldier, Skeleton rank.

Background & PersonalityEdit

243 years had passed since the last holy war between Athena and Hades in the 18th century so Athena's seal on the 108 Specters had withered and was released. One of the many Skeleton Surplices sought Marchino out and transformed him into one of Hades' warriors. After swearing an oath to Hades he travelled to the Underworld and was stationed as a guard otside the court of Griffon Minos. The Specter Magnate was not there however as he had other pressing matters, and had put Balron René in charge. Hades had not awakened in his chosen vessel of this holy war, but his soul was still conscious enough to give out orders. The god had managed to persuade several of Athena's Saints to take the goddess' life in exchange of getting their lives back. The Saints had been bluffing, but Athena had nevertheless been killed by her own hand. When the revived Saint presented Athena's body to Hades' servant Pandora, the body had mysteriously disappeared. Gemini Saga suggested that the goddess might have gone to the Underworld to personally defeat Hades. Pandora did not like that possibility and ordered their stronghold on Earth, Hades' Castle to be destroyed and all remaining Specters to withdraw to the Underworld. Several Saints managed however to infiltrate the Underworld.


Markino was doing his guard duty at the court in the First Prison of the Underworld as usual when he heard two approaching voices. Fearing the consequences of loud noises in the vicinity of Balron René, he immediately put his schyte to the ground and told the two newcommers to be silent. The boy was surprised and asked in loud voices who he was, to which Marchino irritatedly replied that they had to be quiet here because the slightest whisper was forbidden there. They should not do any loud noises because he would guarantee that they would like what happened to them if they did. The dark haired boy asked annoyingly loud what that would be, to which Markino hushed him once more. The foot soldier explained that they had come to the Hall of Judgement and that René who resides there, hates noise. He continued to inform hem that a recent soul had been sliced to bits before being judged, just because of a single sneeze. He told them to be careful and to follow him into the court. Suddenly the dark haired boy sneezed out loudly which terrified Markino into an almost shock. The boys chatted non-chalantly about how it could be a cold from the river Acheron.

Markino raised his voice and called them fools for not heeding his words. But the dark hired boy replied that he himself should be quiet and take them to René instead of being so noisy. Markino became furious, and shouted at them that he had been guiding souls through the court for ages, and questioned why weren't they quaking with fear for what their death sentence would be. The boy held his hands over his ears while Markino suddenly realized what he had done and started to panic a little. The dark haired boy comented that it should have felt nice to get all of that out, to which he grumpily replied them to come along. As they entered through the large doors he continued to explain that when they were in front of René they were simply to confess their sins as it was useless to lie. Suddenly the noise of a fart ripped through the room, freezing Markino. The boys joked about who dealt it ntil Markino snapped and told them to shut up. A loud voice suddenly echoed in the room, demanding silence. René had appeared and was quick to scold Marchino for the noise, to which he panickly begged for forgiveness. René commented that he could hear the loud noises from his chambers, and the vile act of farting. Marchino tried desperately and loudly to apologize, but René slammed his hammer and demanded silence. The judge dismissed him and told him that if he ever raised his voice again, his life would be forfeited. Marchino grudgingly apologized and left, grumbling to himself.

After a bit, a messenger arrived with news that the Saints Athena had forced the river Acheron and infiltrated the First Prison. Markino panicked and rushed to tell his master the terrible news, but as he shouted the news, he was suddenly ensnared by René's whip. The judge demanded silence as the foot soldier sobbed, and asked irritated how many times he had to warn him. Marchino begged for forgiveness as he had been so shocked by the news, but René would not hear of it. Markino continued to apologize as he initially did not notice the whip going straight through him, slicing him to pieces.

Concept & CreationEdit

Markino was created by Masami Kurumada to act as a comic relief and show the cruelness of Lune. In the anime adaptation, the scenes involving the whip ripping through Markino is censored and involves no blood as Markino fades to black. His anime appearance differs mainly in the coloring of his Skeleton Surplice which has been colored grey.



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