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Specter - Skeleton Markino
Skeleton Markino
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Age 19
Birthday April 25
BirthPlace Malaysian
Technique Big Fart, Little Belch
Voiced by Naoki Tatsuta (龍田 直樹,Tatsuta Naoki)

Skeleton Markino is one of the soldier class Skeleton guards at the hall of the court room. He received the Bronze Saints of Pegasus and Andromeda warning them first to do not make any noise inside, but because of Seiya's bad behavior and making loud noises in the court room, is Killed by the whip of Lune, Spectre of Balron of the Celestial Courage Star (天英星). Markino's appearance is similar to the design Kurumada gave to Marcello, a character in B't X, another manga by Kurumada. In that case Marcello holds a whip.

The Lost Canvas Edit

In Lost Canvas, Markino trying to subdue Unicorn Yato in Mandrake Fyodor's torture chamber, and being subsequently defeated by Crane Yuzuriha.

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Markino guarding at the court room
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markino lost canvas
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