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The Silver Cloths (白銀聖衣, Shirubā Kurosu) are the second class of the cloths that Athena's Saints wield, and the second most common. They provide more protection than Bronze Cloths, and cover a decent portion of the body. Several of them have unique special abilities that make them stand out.

Cloth TraitsEdit

Like all Cloths, Silver Cloths are alive. They are named Silver Cloths due to the fact that they are all the color of Silver (in the manga). Using the cosmo of the wearer, they function as protection. They are middle of the road in both coverage and protection: They take more damage than a Bronze Cloth, but less than a Gold Cloth. They are also between Bronze Cloths and Gold Cloths in the amount of skin they cover. They all freeze at -200 degrees Celsius and usually, the wearers can fight at speeds between mach 2 and mach 5. At their level of defensive capabilities, they are a step above fodder, but not the last resort in battle.

Cloth HistoryEdit

The middle of the road, these Cloths are the most commonly seen in the Saint Seiya series, with 16 seen in the original series, Next Dimension adding one new Cloth thus far, and The Lost Canvas giving focus to two new Cloths. Despite this fact, many of the Silver Saints shown wearing these Cloths turned out to be fodder, with a few exception. This is likely due to the Saints themselves siding against Athena.

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