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Andromeda Shun (アンドロメダ星座(アンドロメダ)の瞬 Andoromeda Seiza no Shun?), also known as Shun, literally meaning 'twinkle, instant', is one of the Bronze Saints. He is arguably one of the strongest characters in the series, although his gentle disposition and kind nature tend to prevent him from using his true power, unless he is forced to do so. Shun is also the younger brother of Phoenix Ikki, a fellow bronze saint. Shun has the Purest soul in his era and is the "Chosen One". Whether he is a reincarnation of a previous vessel is unknown, but Tenma implied that Shun and Alone are similar in Next Dimension.

Conception and creationEdit

Andromeda Saint Shun

Left original version and his adapted anime version on the right

As Masami Kurumada uses the revered Osamu Tezuka's Star System technique, (a stable cast of characters which play a a different or similar role in the author's various works, sometimes with the same personality and sometimes with an entirely new one), he gave Shun's appearance to Ai Daichi, a main character in the manga Aoi 

Tori no Shinwa, a manga that Kurumada wrote and drew years after Saint Seiya. Also, Kurumada designed Shun closely resembling Jindai Naoto, from Otoko Zaka, the manga he wrote and drew one year before Saint Seiya. And even m ore, Shun also resembles Kirikaze, from Fuuma no Kojiro, also a manga Kurumada wrote and drew several years before Saint Seiya.

Tumblr mgkfpaGdGq1qgaaado1 250

Kirikaze from Fuuma no Kojiro

His hair is brown in the manga, but was modified green in the Anime adaptation to generate a better color balance. Kurumada explained in interviews that he gave the Andromeda Cloth the same color that identifies the Andromeda Nebula found in the constellation of the same name.

As Masami Kurumada was a practitioner of the martial arts in his youth, he used his knowledge about traditional Japanese martial arts weapons in his concept for Shun. The Chains of the Andromeda Cloth, were a formidable weapon, perfectly suited for both defense and offense, sharing these traits with the traditional Manriki-gusari, a chain-based weapon used in Japanese martial arts.

Character OutlineEdit


Shun in Asgard arc

Perhaps the most reluctant of the Bronze Saints when a situation must be resolved by violence, Shun is the official Bronze Saint of the Andromeda constellation. He is a merciful soul by nature, and a firm believer in solving problems without causing bloodshed. This creates a sharp contrast between himself and the rest of the Saints: Whereas they will not hesitate to battle when the situation demands it, Shun only allows himself to fight if it's an absolute necessity, or when his almost endless patience wears out. When this is the case, Shun can become an extremely skilled and deadly fighter.

Shun is portrayed rather weak in the first 4 movies and the anime-only 'Asgard' arc: In almost every fight scene, he is almost always defeated, and needs his brother Ikki to rescue him (except against Mizar Zeta Syd, the one time Shun defeated a foe in either of the first 4 movies or the 'Asgard' anime-only story). This has led to a misconception among certain fans that Shun is a 'weakling', but it is important to remember that these stories were not written by Masami Kurumada and therefore are not canonical, and are out of Kurumada's true continuity and plot.

Shun bebé

Shun as a baby

However, in the 'Sanctuary', 'Poseidon' and 'Hades' storylines of the original manga (which were written and illustrated by Masami Kurumada), Shun is shown as a competent and tough, if unwilling, fighter and opponent. In 'Sanctuary', he manages to hold his own against Gemini Saga, and even manages to kill Pisces Aphrodite, both of them Gold Saints. In the Poseidon arc, he acquits himself very well, defeating Io, the Southern Pacific Mariner General of Scylla, and Sorrento, the Southern Atlantic Mariner General of Siren. In the Hades arc, he manages to dispatch various opponents, like hurting Cerberus. His kindness also lets Charon abandon the attack and his sorrow distracts Lune unintentionally so Kanon can mind control Lune. He is the second of the Bronze Saints to achieve his God Cloth. As a result, he comes off looking much better in these arcs than in the movies or 'Asgard'; though he may be adverse to fighting, he will fight when he is required to, and is just as powerful or skilled as any of the other main Bronze Saints.

Biography Edit

Early years Edit

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter I: the Sanctuary Edit

Non-canon anime episodes Edit

Eris and Heated Battle of the Gods Edit

Asgard arc Edit

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter II: Poseidon Edit

Legend of Crimson Youth and Warriors of the Final Holy Battle Edit

Saint Seiya (1986), chapter III: Hades Edit


Shun in Hades's control

In one of the biggest plot twists of the series, Shun is revealed to be the human incarnation of Hades, God of the Underworld, in the same way Saori Kido is Athena, Goddess of War and Wisdom, and Julian Solo is Poseidon, Lord of the Seas. Although Shun himself was initially unaware of this fact, the soul of Hades became dominant once Shun lost the childhood pendant that bound his body with the god's, and the Hades soul was united with Shun's body during the close encounter in Hades' room after the death of the Lyra Saint.

Not long after, the new Hades is confronted by Shun's older brother, Phoenix Ikki. Ikki believed that Shun's soul was still inside somewhere, and he was soon proven correct. With one hand strangling his own body (and thus, Hades'), Shun urged Ikki to mercilessly destroy him while the opportunity was fresh. Ikki was moved by Shun's willingness to sacrifice himself, as it proved that he truly was born to be the Saint of Andromeda.

Unfortunately, Ikki hesitated at the last second. Shun's verifiable hold was lost, and Hades reclaimed the Saint's body once more. With the God of the Underworld back in command, the Phoenix was swiftly dealt with.

Eventually, it took the boiling blood of Athena herself and the goddess' encouragement to give Shun the strength to separate Hades from his body once and for all. When Shun awoke in Seiya's arms moments later, he once again donned the Andromeda Cloth and was ready to return to action.

Heaven Chapter: Overture Edit

Saint Seiya: Next Dimension Edit

Andromeda Shun - ND
Shun has survived the destruction of the Underworld and Elysium, and appears in the Sanctuary where are Athena and Seiya (the latter with the sword of Hades in his chest like in the movie) Athena and Shun go in search of Artemis, goddess of Moon, sister of Athena, for help to Seiya, which in three days, his heart will be pierced by the sword of Hades. Along with Saori come to Olympus where he has a hearing with Artemis, who claims that the acts committed by Athena provoke the wrath of the Gods. Then, with the guidance of Hecate arrive with Cronos, the God of Time, who send Athena and Shun the past 200 years.

Shun falls in the Sanctuary Colosseum, where he is attacked by guards that quickly repels his Nebular Chain until Tenma, the Pegasus Saint of this era, appears to stop them. Tenma with Seiya, just as Tenma found him like his friend Alone, and begin to fight, but the superiority of Andromeda makes the combat to end soon.

  • Aries House

Both come to the White Ram Temple where Aries Shion does not let go, instantly ramming his glass wall. Knowing the situation that he is a Saint from the future, Shion lets him order to help in Athena, who was turned into baby Cronos, from the clutches of the Pope and Pisces Cardinale.

  • Taurus House

Finally he and Tenma reach the Temple of Taurus, where Ox, the Gold Saints defender waits to stop them. In this house are slowed by Ox initially, but then agrees to let this happen. Gemini HouseModifier Arriving at the house of Gemini, decide to separate, Tenma takes the path to the left, but on entering is the true gentleman of Gemini, Abel. It uses its other dimension, but is rescued by Shun who decides to return to rescue Tenma. Abel strikes again, but is interrupted by Suikyo latter replies that they escape into the temple of Cancer lest they die. ecapando already comes with the temple Shun giant crab. Cancer HouseModifier Tenma and Shun, Cancer Deathtoll encounter who try locking them in coffins and uses Omerta, the legendary coffin, then comes Suikyo Gemini Victim of trying to kill two bronze and faces with them, and smote them, Tenma later with Shun Cancer enclose their own special coffin and head to the temple of Leo. It reveals that the teacher wanted to help them Tenma escaped both times we were faced with these last golden saints and not even being a saint of Athena, but goes to get his head for personal reasons. After leaving the house both saints Cancer, tenma asks Shun to follow him as he recovers coughing and spitting up blood.

  • Leo House

In the fifth house of Leo, Shun makes the acquaintance of the gold saint of Leo named Leo Kaiser and his friend Goldie (a huge lion wearing armor). Shun tells Kaiser that he must continue for the sake of Athena, but the gold saint who has orders not to let anyone pass, does not believe his words and orders Goldie to attack Shun however that the bronze saint is able to tame. Amazed of what happened, Kaiser then shows him unconscious Suikyo, Shun who earlier had defeated the gold saint, to make them desist from pursuing, but Shun intends to reach by Athena at any cost, and attacks the gold saint several times with his chain which fights back with punches thrown at the speed of light, shortly after the fifth house also comes Tenma. After the battle between Kaiser and Goldie against a group of Specter, the gold saint decides to go Tenma and Shun continuing so to the 6 th house.

  • Virgo House

Close to home of Virgo, Shun and Tenma see fall two comets, Shun perceive in them the cosmos of Dragon Shiryū and Cygnus Hyōga. Within the Sixth House, Shun assist the savage fighting between the spirit of Virgo Shaka and the spirit of Virgo Shijima. At the end of the terrifying duel, Shaka declares that Shun in the future will be the new Gold Saint of the Virgin.

Saint Seiya Omega Edit

Main Article: Andromeda Shun (Omega)

List of opponents Edit

In the original manga, Shun won 60% of his battles, i.e. 6 battles out of 10 (battles labeled as "unfair" are not considered).

As the Saint of Andromeda
Opponent Result Notes
Unicorn Jabu Victory Andromeda's victory was almost certain. Phoenix interrupted the battle and attacked both; he managed to knock out Unicorn, but not Andromeda.
Black Cygnus Draw Andromeda was at disadvantage. Hyoga Cygnus and three Black Saints interrupted the battle.
Black Andromeda Victory Black Andromeda received the death blow from Canes Venatici Asterion.
Phoenix Ikki Unfair 4 against 1: Pegasus + Dragon + Cygnus + Andromeda VS. Phoenix; Andromeda was anyway knocked out.
Cerberus Dante Victory Phoenix was the initial opponent of Cerberus, but he withdrew and left the battle to Andromeda.
Perseus Algol Defeat Andromeda got petrified; he recovered after Perseus' death.
Pisces Aphrodite Victory -
Scylla Io Victory -
Lyumnades Casa Defeat Andromeda was saved by the intervention of Phoenix.
Siren Sorrento Victory -
Poseidon Unfair 6 against 1: Sagittarius Seiya + Aquarius Hyoga + Libra Shiryu + Ophiuchus + Andromeda + Phoenix VS. Poseidon. Andromeda was anyway knocked out.
Acheron Charon Draw 2 against 1: Pegasus + Andromeda VS. Acheron
As the Saint of God-Andromeda
Opponent Result Notes
Hypnos Unfair 3 against 1: God-Dragon + God-Cygnus + God-Andromeda VS. Hypnos. Andromeda was anyway knocked out.

Techniques and abilitiesEdit

To fight, Shun normally relies on the Andromeda chain, as he does not want to use his full power because he does not want to kill the opponents. During the Sanctuary Arc, Shun awoke the 7th sense in his fights against the Gold Saints. Although a reluctant fighter, Shun is one of Kurumada's characters with the larger technique arsenals at his disposal.

His known techniques are:

  • Nebula Chain: The Andromeda Saint's signature technique which allows him to manipulate the chains of his Cloth however he pleases. At the most basic, the Nebula Chain is a straight-forward attack where the chains rapidly slice and wrap themselves around the enemy. This attack can be improved by using the Thunder Wave of the chain.
  • Rolling Defense: A simple defensive technique that utilizes Shun's chains in one of two ways: he will either twirl the chains around himself to create a barrier, or set them on the ground to mimic a circular web; this was later named the Circle Defense. In web mode, the chains construct a distance between himself and the opponent, and will discharge energy volts or simply slash the enemy if they attempt to enter the field.
  • Great Capture: A technique that twists the chains to paralyze, capture, or immobilize foes. Shun also uses other ways of capturing opponents with Boomerang Shoot, Spiral Duct, etc.
  • Nebula Stream: A defensive attack that links directly to Shun's Cosmo. It entangles the foe with streams of the Andromeda cosmos in an attempt to paralyze them. As Shun becomes more determined to use his true power, the stream will eventually transfigure into the Nebula Storm technique.
  • Nebula Storm: By the time Shun has chosen to execute it, his Cloth and chains are abandoned (either voluntarily or destroyed by his opponent) to allow him full access to his cosmos. The attack is dispelled as a single burst from the summit of Shun's Cosmo. Because of its extreme destructive nature, Shun will only use it as a last resort.


Main Article:  Andromeda Cloth

The Gold Cloth of VirgoEdit


Shun after receiving the temporary powers of Virgo Cloth

As Shun was born under the astrological constellation of Virgo, he has the privilege of donning that Gold Cloth in times of crisis. This was shown when he and his fellow Bronze Saints (also wearing Gold Cloths each) battled the god of Death, Thanatos.

Shun, like the rest of the Bronze Saints, did not have time to use his Gold Cloth or launch any attacks while wearing it, as Thanatos attacked all the Bronze Saints immediately upon their receiving of the Gold Cloths. Thanatos, with one strike, was able to shatter all 5 Gold Cloths that were present, an event which was unprecedented. Later in Next Dimension, Shaka designed Shun as heir of the Virgo Gold Cloth.


  • The Andromeda Bronze Cloth changed through the story:
    • After the inner war at the 12 Zodiac Temples, Gold Saint Virgo Shaka (Taurus Aldebaran in the anime) revived the Andromeda Cloth using his own blood. Then Aries Mu forged a new one for the Bronze Saint.
    • The former Pope Shion (the Aries Saint of XVIII c.) revives the thorn Cloth using Athena's blood during the beginning of the Emperor Hades arc ~Into the Underworld~.
    • At the final chapters Shun burned his Cosmo to protect his older brother Ikki from a certain fatal blow of the God of Sleep Hypnos, his Andromeda Cloth revived once again but as a God Cloth. This new Cloth is now a full plate  golden armor equiped with wings and a divine aura. In anime version the God Cloth is light pink.
  • Shun make an cameo in Saintia - Shō.


In a poll presented in vol.3, he ranks at 3rd among the five principal bronze saints. He is regarded as the character with the most yaoi potential out of the five principal bronze saints, regarded as a "true walking caricature, this character was the most fragile and sensible, with fine traits, long hair, doe eyes and the most feminine armor of the group (with a nice 95B in guise of a breastplate in the anime version)". His chain weapon is regarded as highly symbolic, viewed as a jewel (a feminine symbol), changing length and being supple or rigid at will (a phallic symbol), be used for defensive or for offensive purposes (the sexual ambiguity and seme-uke dichotomy), and the original myth of Andromeda, who was tied on a rock and offered as a sacrifice to calm a marine monster's wrath.




Saint Seiya, Volume 13.

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