Servant Rhea (サーバントのレア, Sābanto no Rea) is the one of Pallasites Second Class.


Like his fellow Pallasites, Rhea is extremely confidant in his combat skills and he considers the Bronze Saints to be weak and worthless. He dislikes relying on others and prefers to fight his foes alone. His confidance borders on arrogance as he considers his prized technique, Gae Bolg, to be the "spear of the gods."

Unlike his comrades, Rhea is extremely polite when speaking to other people, even if they are Saints of Athena. He managed to maintain pleasant conversation with Shiryu over the course of their battle and even grew to respect the Gold Saint. However, behind Rhea's pleasant personality and feminine looks resides a cruel serpent that has nothing against using sneak attacks to achieve victory or trampling the weak. He is also quick to rescind or forget the promises he makes to his enemies.

He does show some understanding about the bonds between humans, specifically a father and his son. But while he understands killing a son would hurt his father severely, he was surprised by how willing Shiryu was to risk his life on a gamble to help Ryuho grow stronger. He considered this foolish up until his last moments.



Rhea apparently followed Hati to Japan and observed his battle against Pegasus Kouga and Steel Saint Subaru from the shadows. When the tide turned against his comrade, thanks in part to the arrival of Wolf Haruto, Rhea saved him by blocking Koga's Pegasus Ryuusei Ken with his bare hand. He was apparently interested in Koga's powers, most likely having heard of his victory against Abzu. Rhea then opened what appeared to be a time portal and left the area with Hati.

Battle of PallasveldaEdit

Rhea did not actively participate in the battle of Pallasvelda. Instead he acted as a spy for Titan, and possibly the other Four Kings, giving his superior reports about how the battle was proceeding. At one point, he reported that their losses were about equal to those of the Saints, to Titan's delight. He would then inform Titan that Mira had appeared on the battlefield. He expressed concern about allowing the other Pallasite to run around unchecked but Titan believed letting Mira run loose would do massive damage to Athena's forces. It was a theory that soon proved correct.

Battle Of Pallas CastleEdit

Following the deaths of Phoenix Ikki and Aegaeon, Rhea was training with his special technique, Gae Bolg. He broke a large piece of orichalcum in half with a single thrust and discovered Titan had come to visit him when the upper half split into small pieces. Rhea respectfully asked Titan not to sneak up on him in the future and Titan tasked Rhea with the mission to kill Libra Shiryu and Dragon Ryuho. Hyperion joined them and warned Rhea not to underestimate Shiryu. In response, Rhea swore to bring back the Gold Saint's head.

He confronted Shiryu and Ryuho in a large coliseum-like arena stored inside Pallas' Castle. Impressed by Rhea's decision to come alone and unarmed, Shiryu engaged him a duel. They appeared evenly matched and Rhea told Shiryu that he wasn't some noble warrior like the Gold Saint. He then revealed his two wooden marionettes and used them to create an opening for his Gae Bolg. To Rhea's surprise, Shiryu was able to block his technique with his bare hand. Revealing he had a similar technique, Excalibur, Shiryu landed a powerful blow on his opponent.

Shiryu explained that while he saw nothing wrong with using weapons, he felt that possessing a weapon makes a warrior overconfidant and sloppy. Apparently insulted, Rhea launched another Gae Bolg attack on Shiryu. However it was a ruse and by acting in conjunction with one of his servants, Rhea was able to stab Shiryu with his Gae Bolg.

Having grown to respect his foe, Rhea promised not to kill Ryuho as he moved to finish Shiryu once the Gold Saint collapsed. Despite his promise, Rhea engaged Ryuho in battle when he got in the way and easily dominated the fight. Despite his defeat, Ryuho brought Shiryu the time he needed to recover and the Gold Saint climbed to his feet.

Rhea did not understand Shiryu's faith in Ryuho, as he saw the child as a mere Bronze Saint. Rescinding his earlier promise, he sent his marionettes to kill both Saints. Ryuho's cosmos surged to new levels, inspired by Shiryu's faith in him and he obliterated the marionettes before Rhea's surprised eyes. The force of his cosmos even overwhelmed the Secondary Pallasite but Ryuho soon lost conscious.

Shiryu reveals he faked his earlier defeat in hopes of pushing Ryuho to reach this new level of power and apologized to Rhea for his deception. In order to apologize to his fellow warrior, Shiryu unleashed his full power. Rhea depserately attempted to take him down the Gae Bolg but was defeated by Shiryu's Rozan Sho Ryu Ha. Rhea died from his wounds soon after.


  • Perfect Pawn: Rhea summons two Servants, large wooden mannequins armed with axes, and sends them to attack his foes. He is briefly shown able to control twelve at once.
  • Gae Bolg: Using his cosmos, Rhea was able to turn his right arm into a makeshift lance. With a simple arm thrust, Rhea could apparently pierce through any metal or physical object. This was proven true when he easily destroyed a large mound of Orichalcum and pierced a Gold Cloth with ease. However, despite its great power this technique is inferior to the Excalibur technique used by several Gold Saints, which is very similar to Rhea's ability.
  • Gae Bolg - Kage no Yari: A technique based on deception using a combination of the Gae Bolg and Perfect Pawn together. Rhea causes a Servant to take on his image and sends it to attack his enemy. While the opponent is distracted by the Servant, convinced it is the real enemy, Rhea would sneak up on his foe and attempt to land a secret stab with his Gae Bolg.


  • Rhea's namesake is the Greek Queen of the Titans, the wife of Cronus and the mother of the Olympian gods. Upon overthrowing his father Uranus, Cronus received a prophecy fortelling his own downfall at the hands of one of his children with Rhea. Each time Rhea gives birth to a child, Cronus swallows the infant to prevent the prophecy from happening. Appalled, Rhea secretly gives birth to her sixth child, Zeus, and has him hidden away with the help of Gaia (Mother Earth). She then deceives Cronus by giving him a large stone wrapped in a blanket to swallow. When Zeus comes of age years later, Rhea and Zeus's first wife Metis devise a plan to rescue Zeus's siblings (being immortal gods, although eaten by their father, they are not dead). Rhea and Metis trick Cronus into drinking a liquid that causes him to vomit up all five of his children as well as the stone. Rhea also appears in an Orphic myth, in which she resurrects her grandson, the god Dionysus, after he is brutally ripped apart by the Titans at the goddess Hera's request.
  • Rhea is both a moon of the planet Saturn and an asteroid found in the main asteroid belt.
  • There seems to be a stylized, sideways "2" on Rhea's knee guards, possibly indicating his Pallasite Class.
  • Rhea's armor is primarily a deep bronze in color, which is rather curious given how he looks down on Bronze Saints.


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