Beelzebub's glory is based on the highest angelic order in Judeo-Christian religion: the order of the Seraphim (singular: Seraph). Seraphim are the highest order of angel and are perpetually in God's presence. Seraphim are characterized as having a fearsome appearance too brilliant to look at, and six wings; they are additionally always full of the passion of God and are able to inspire all creatures with this burning love for God and His works. The cover leg knee, being surrounded by red cloth. The knee pads are horn-shaped. The breastplate covers the chest and waist. The cloth has no belt. The gauntlets cover the arm to the elbow. Knuckles are very marked, and are divided into two parts superpuetas. The pads are very large, are formed by two overlapping, evenly shaped peak raptor. The cloth, like the rest of cloth worn by the fallen angels, has no helmet.

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